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Trucker. One simple word, yet it creates a multitude of images in our minds: The outlaw, the loner, the renegade ... one individual who won't take anything from anybody. Truckers have a rough lifestyle. A life that very few people can even... more

Freight hauling...Over the Road...OTR...Long Haul Trucking...whatever you want to call it - how "bad" is it, really? There has to be some "good" to over the road trucking jobs, right? If it was all bad, then why make it a career? Allen looks... more

SUPERBOWL SUNDAY SPECIAL! Stress can be "The Final Frontier" for a professional truck driver. Traffic jams, snow storms, fog, blinding rain...all of these can make the life of a truck driver a stressful event. Barry Szczucki joins... more

Glutathione is the most powerful antioxidant known to man. With a background in Medical Research, Donna joins Allen as Co-Host for this special "truckers health" segment, explaining why Glutathione should be a part of every truck drivers'... more
Aubrey Allen Smith

DAC Report for Truck Drivers

  • by Aubrey Allen Smith
If you are in trucking and wanting to get a copy of your DAC Report or dispute false information placed on your DAC, you can do so as follows: To request a copy of your DAC Report, fill out the following form:... more

Allen discusses the truck driver DAC report . . . who they are, how to contact, what they do and the importance of keeping your DAC report clean - as well as Truth About Trucking's plans to bring about changes to this agency, by going... more

Aspirin, Ibuprofin, Sudafed, Nyquil...over the counter medicines that seem harmless. However, taken improperly or with other medications can lead to devastating consequences. Let's start the New Year off in the right way!... more

As Allen performs a short test for Truth About Trucking "LIVE" - he briefly speaks about key problems concerning various trucking forums, and what you, as a student or new driver, should keep in mind when using trucking forums as a... more
Aubrey Allen Smith

Are You an Insurable Driver? That is the Question!

  • by Aubrey Allen Smith
When considering a career as a professional truck driver, all too often our past can catch up with us. Whether it be violations on our driving record or former mistakes we've made such as misdemeanors or even felonies, suddenly we can... more
Aubrey Allen Smith

Trucking to Better Health - The Importance of Glutathione

  • by Aubrey Allen Smith
Professional, over the road truck driving can take its toll on the human body. Stress, poor diet, low excercise and lack of rest often lead to health problems for truck drivers. Even local drivers experience the side effects of a professional... more