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Julio Rose will speak on the signs of opposites, Good & Evil. Do we need both good and evil to have balance in our life? Can we survive with all good or all evil? what is evil?

Dr. Scott Whitaker is a Board Certified Naturopathic Doctor & Author with over 15 years experience in herbology, iridology, homeopathy, natural healing, and detoxification. He has traveled throughout the world learning and applying the... more

Tony Qwade is a metaphysics researcher and truthseeker for 25+ years. Have conducted workshops on the power of imagination and visualization. Have been guests on various radio shows dealing with African Consciousness and human... more

Naazir Ra (Nah'zeer Rah) author, lecturer & film producer Naazir Ra has been a student of metaphysics, religion and psychology for over nineteen years. He has studied Arabic, Hebrew, and the Kemetic Hieroglyphs in his quest to understand... more

James Evans Bomar lll from birth was endowed with abilities that he never inquired about with others assuming that all contained these rare senses. One ability was to pull things out of the dream world allowing them to soon manifest... more

Robert X will give us the update on the swine flu, you will not get this information from the so call main media. Robert X will connect where this virus may have come from and who will benefit from this outbreak. We will follow the hidden... more

Dr Yaffa Bey Lecture on etymology, OUR-story, Preparing for Change and HIS-story There is a problem that is spreading all over the world. The problem is what you read, write, and speak. In other words, our problem is English.... more

Dr.Aseer the Duke of tiers is an accomplished fine artist, recording artist, he has a PH.D in jurisprudence(International Law); Dr. Aseer will discuss the coming collapse of the present government and the spiritual ramifications of this event.... more

Julio Rose will discuss the relationship between the new testament in the Bible,the new world and the new world order. Who and what was Atlantis and why Atlantis failed. Also Rev. John Clifton will give his opinion on these subjects.This... more

Anpu master astrologer and teacher. He will educate us on what is going on with our economy,politics,entertainment etc.
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