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The goal of our show is to proclaim the Lord Jesus Christ's truth as revealed by the Holy Spirit at a time when the world and church are in deception.

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The Lord Jesus has furnished a table, and has invited you to eat and live, and fellowship with Him. Have you accepted His invitation? Or are you preparing to eat at another table?

Many who call themselves Christians, are partaking of the Lord's table and the table of devils. They are seduced by the spirit of Jezebel. Why is the Lord warning the Church about this spirit today? The Lord Jesus is calling His Church... more

Many people say to themselves " I am a good person", and fall into the danger of self-deception.This is how the devil deceives us - he makes us think we are wonderful, and then he creeps in and tempts us to sin. Eve was in Paradise... more

Many Christians fall in love with the Lord Jesus and start off with a bang, only to lose a passion for the Lord, and eventually grow cold. In the book of Revelation, the Lord rebukes the church at Ephesus, and calls them to repent because... more

Many Christians panic when they don't see God's promises been fulfilled in their lives. They fall into the trap of trying to force things to happen. They plan and scheme to "make" these promises come to pass. Some end up conceiving... more

Many Christians have been faithful in praying for material things, praying for their families, praying for others to be healed and delivered, praying for their church and their leaders. But how many have consistently prayed that they enter... more

Christians are instructed to watch, and to pray without ceasing. Many pray, but are frustrated because they don't see answers to their prayers. It may be because they are not praying like the Lord Jesus taught us - according to God's will. It is... more

Many Christians are not living according to God's plan for their lives because they have bought the lies of the devil. How can we safeguard ourselves? By watching and praying with the whole armor of God, living lives consecrated to Him, and... more

Jesus Christ came to earth to set mankind free. Free from what? From whom? ....Free from the power of the devil. Free from being the devil's slaves. The Lord has promised those who believe in Him that they will be set free from the... more

None of us has arrived to perfection. We all need to examine ourselves daily, and with the help of the Holy Spirit, grow to be more like Christ. Are you seeking a better life today? Begin this New Year by making a committment to obey God,... more