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Truth Beyond The Veil Ministries


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The goal of our show is to proclaim the Lord Jesus Christ's truth as revealed by the Holy Spirit at a time when the world and church are in deception.

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After Joseph reveals himself to his brothers, he makes plans to bring his father and the rest of his family to Egypt to live with him. God appears to Jacob and reafirms all the promises made to his fathers with regard to the great nation that... more

Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ calls us to be a light in this dark world. Unbelievers are to look at how we live, and the Light of God in us and be drawn to God. Not to us. We are not to try and build our own kingdoms here, but... more

In Genesis chapter 45 Joseph revealed himself to his brothers and forgave them completely, and unconditionally. To us it may not seem like Joseph's brothers deserved it, but we have to understand as believers that we don't deserve the... more

God's Righteousness and Judgement are connected. In the Lord's eyes, you can't have one without the other. Only the Spirit of God can reveal what His true righteousness and justice is. We see this in how Joseph dealt with his brothers... more

Joseph is now second in command in Egypt and just like God revealed in his dream, the famine has hit the whole earth. Joseph's brothers have now come to Egypt to buy bread so that they and their families can live. Joseph is faced with... more

Joseph is the second most powerful man in Egypt now. He is in charge of making sure that the famine doesn't wipe out Egypt and many come to him to buy grain. Joseph's brothers come to him for grain and the Word of the Lord that came to... more

Pharaoh makes Joseph the Govenor of all of Egypt and gives him the authority and power to do whatever is necessary to save them from the upcoming famine per the Pharaoh's dream. Joseph gets a ring from Pharaoh and a gold... more

The formula for success in the Christian life is simple. We as believers in Christ, and Christ in us. As we let Jesus Christ live through us, we have victory no matter what the circumstances say. Because we were and are in Christ our old life and... more

The Lord made Joseph to prosper under adverse circumstances. It wasn't Joseph's doing, it was God's doing. We as believers have a better covenant, and the Word tells us that Christ is in us, and we are in Christ. If we... more

When Joseph was sold into slavery the bible says that God was with him. When he was put in jail, the bible says God was with him. Even in Joseph's fiery trial the Lord let him know that He was still working on Joseph's behalf. We may not see... more