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Our mission is to provide different services to children and youth adults, from the ages of 8 to 18. In today's society our youth need a lot of guidance to assist them with making the best decision for their future. A future that provides a solid foundation for success. Here at Trusting Arms we are dedicated to helping every child and young adult reach their full potential, by creating their own identity. Understanding that it is alright to just be who you are. We believe that when an individual expresses their feeling. They will have a sense of who they can become. We provide counseling services to help deal with expressing anger and emotions. We assist with teaching children and young adult's, life skill that will help them grow and be more successful. We help them learn about the success and failures that come as they grow and develop in life. Our organization mission is to provide guidance, and support to help children and young adult achieve their goals.

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Helping children and young adults understand who they are, will help them to become more successful in life. Divorce is not an easy process for a family to go through. Be prepared to explain to your children what it all means.

Featuring: Prophetess Cross from Michigan, Evangelist Jones from Austell, GA, Pastor Robert Green from Clinton, MS

What are your views on the election? Are you unsure of who you want to vote for?

Are parent's responsible for helping their teenager with their baby? Is it fair that the parent pays for their teenager's baby daycare? Why is teen violence growing amongest our youth?

Is your child struggling in school? How much do you know about the NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND ACT? What actions are you willing to take for your child to get a good education?

Do you feel like you didn't get the chance to do everything you wanted to do as a child? Are you trying to live your life through your children?

Why is it so important to our teenagers to have babies. Is it really, because they want someone to love.

Who are you suppose to be? Do you understand who you are? Are you trying to be like evryone else?

We will talk about the mother's & father's who keep's it together when everything else fail. A mother's & father's love is strong, and we will discuss how it makes a differences within the family.

Sometimes we all have our ups and downs, we all go through our bad days. Rest assure that God is still in control of the day.
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