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Today, people around the world faithfully tune-in to Trunews every weeknight for news, information, and inspiration that they can’t find anywhere else. Hosted by Internet radio pioneer Rick Wiles, Trunews is the cutting-edge Internet-based world newscast that has informed and inspired listeners around the world since 1999. TRUNEWS is the world’s leading news source that reports, analyzes, and comments on global events and trends with a conservative, Christian worldview. We believe Christians need and deserve their own global news network to keep the worldwide Church informed, and to offer Christians a positive alternative to the anti-Christian bigotry of the mainstream news media.

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?In Defense of Christians? documentary filmmaker Jordan Allott discusses efforts to galvanize Christian outrage over the savage extermination of Christians in the Middle East. In Part 2, legendary investor Marc Faber calls in from Hong Kong to share his insight about why asset bubbles, quantitative easing, and ever-growing sovereign debt will eventually end in a steep market crash.

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As a follow up to last weeks interview, private investigator Doug Hagmann shares new details on information that indicates martial law may possibly be put into place before the year is finished

Today's guest is a long time listener to Trunews. Today he shares details of a series of dreams and visions he had in 2007 concerning the end times

Former Iranian Revolutionary Guard/CIA agent Reza Kahlili discusses the latest developments concerning Iran's nuclear ambitions and latest threats towards America and Israel

Independent Living Chairman and Publisher Lee Bellinger discusses the domestic population surveillance and control grid being constructed based on military ops throughout the U.S.

Private investigator Doug Hagmann reveals some disturbing inside information and recent moves that indicate martial law may possibly be implemented before the year is finished

Veteran meteorologist Brian Sussman joins Rick today to discuss the latest moves by the liberal left using the green agenda to dismantle America. Also discussed are the Communist origins of the modern day sustainable movement

Rick discusses the movie "Hunger Games" and others with Christian film critic Ted Baehr and second guest Dr. Jim Garrow shares the touching personal story of how he began saving the lives of thousands of Chinese babies and young... more

Climatologist Cliff Harris discusses topics ranging from weather modification, chemtrails, geoengineering, and recent extreme weather patterns on todays program

Rick Wiles talks about the need for holiness and separation from the sins of Babylon. Later, British blogger John Ward joins the program to discuss the massive fraud and theft taking place in what the media calls the "global financial... more

On today's program Dominique de Bailleu ask the question "Did German gold bail out Europe ?" and also discusses the recent cyber attacks of KWN interviews that expose to the public the extent of the JP Morgan precious metals manipulation... more
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