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Today, people around the world faithfully tune-in to Trunews every weeknight for news, information, and inspiration that they can’t find anywhere else. Hosted by Internet radio pioneer Rick Wiles, Trunews is the cutting-edge Internet-based world newscast that has informed and inspired listeners around the world since 1999. TRUNEWS is the world’s leading news source that reports, analyzes, and comments on global events and trends with a conservative, Christian worldview. We believe Christians need and deserve their own global news network to keep the worldwide Church informed, and to offer Christians a positive alternative to the anti-Christian bigotry of the mainstream news media.

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Topic: School safety consultant and former Florida State Trooper Wolfgang Halbig shares with Rick the troubling discrepancies surrounding the official storyline about the Sandy Hook school shootings. Mr. Halbig also shares with Rick... more

Topic: Former Ambassador Alan Keyes talks with Rick about the true purpose of freedom and liberty.

Topic: Bristol University Earth Sciences Professor Dr. Matthew Watson tells Rick why he's unsure about the wisdom of geoengineering the planet's weather system. In Part 2, Christian blogger James Bailey tells Rick about a disturbing... more

Vlad Putin reminded the West today that the Nazis could not defeat the Russian Army. Is anybody in the USA paying attention? Financial analyst Jim Willie spends one hour with Rick today. Mr. Willie said we are in the final stage of the... more

Today's program is a remarkable interview with the one and only Arthur Blessitt – the only person in the world to carry the Christian cross into every nation of the world.

Detroit goes dark…Drudge and WND websites down this morning….FBI warnings about cyber-attacks….what is happening? Are you ready? Rick's guest today is Sharon Gilbert, author of Ebola and the Fourth Horseman of the... more

Rested and ready to go after the Thanksgiving Day holiday, Rick starts the program with both guns blazing mocking the New World Order elite and political correctness. Dr. Scott Lively joins Rick in the studio to discuss the link between... more

Topic: Did God give the late Pastor David Wilkerson a clue to know the timing of widespread Islamic terrorism in the USA? In this rebroadcast of a June 2014 program, Rick and Chris Steinle talk with Bible prophecy teacher John Shorey.... more

Topic: Rick broadcast a classic interview with the world renown ?prayer walker? Henry Gruver. Recorded in June 2014, Henry recalls several profound visions God gave him regarding a major war in the Last Days. This is one of the best... more

Rick devotes the first half of the program to recount several profound prophetic dreams his family received years ago. Scenes in the dreams were late fall and the Christmas season. Rick asks whether 2014 is the year these dreams will be... more
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