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Interview with Robert Allen Mansfield US Senate Candidate

  • Broadcast in Politics Conservative



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Sgt. Robert Allen Mansfield, believes:

1.  I believe in God

2.  I know that life starts at conception; therefore-- I will defend life from conception until natural death. 

3.  I believe in universal school choice.  America MUST end the practice of condemning poor kids to bad schools on a "take-it-or-leave-it" basis.   This practice is racist and fundamentally un-American. 

4.  I believe in a "Balanced-Budget" amendment. 

5.  I support and believe in the 2nd Amendment.  The civil liberties that we enjoy as Americans were sought at the barrel of a gun.  Without the 2nd Amendment, we would not have our constitution.

6.  I believe in a "Fair-Tax" system. 

7.  I believe in smaller government (lean and mean).  The purpose of government is to secure the blessings of liberty-- not to enslave its people. 

8.  I believe in Black Empowerment.   African Americans need to be able to do for themselves.  They need to embrace education, create wealth, and depend less on government programs.

9.  I believe in a strong, robust national defense;  till that end I will defend our allies and rebuke our enemies.  

10.  I believe in "American Exceptionalism".  We are truly the greatest country the world has ever known.

11.  I believe in you,  the American People-- the most generous and productive people on the planet.  

The four most comforting words that you can hear on the other end of the
phone are: “the Americans are coming."  

The four most feared words that you can hear on the other end of that phone
are:  “the Americans are coming."