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This new and exciting program deals with the everyday challenges of living a holy lifestyle in the Christian faith.

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In a historic vote, it is reported that Ireland has passed a referendum approving same sex marriage. The President of the Boy Scouts wants to lift the ban on homosexuals not being allowed to be Scout leaders. Also a United Methodist... more

The Church of Scotland has voted to allow homosexual members in civil partnerships to serve as ministers in the church. What blasphemy! Obama wants the church to be silent on abortion and same sex marriage, but we will... more

A United Methodist pastor claims she was removed by her district governing body for supporting marriage between a man and a woman. Ben Carson continues to tread lightly and not take on the LGBT community. Megachurch pastor Andy... more

The US Supreme Court is poised to make same sex marriage legal nationwide and yet most so called pastors are silent! Boys are taking boys to prom,girls are taking girls to proms and the transgender movement is running rampant. Join us... more

Famous athlete Bruce Jenner did an interview yesterday when he revealed he is now a "woman" with a female soul. He also said that although he is transgender he is a Christian! GOD FORBID! Presidential candidate Marco Rubio said... more

A high school in Louisiana went against their own established guidelines and is now allowing a lesbian student to wear a tuxedo to the prom when they originally told her she couldn't. Why is everyone always bowing to this God hating... more

Why do cowards like Ben Carson continue to refuse to defend Biblical truth regarding homosexual behavior? This past week Obama came out against conversion therapy and has announced the White House has their first gender... more

Join us as we break down the battle for Christian freedom in Indiana and other states and what it truly means. Why are preachers and politicians constantly bowing down to the Lesbian Mafia? It is time for Christians to STAND UP OR... more

Why do millions of so called Christians celebrate Easter as the resurrection of Christ when there is no Bible for it? What does a bunny have to do with Jesus Christ? Did Jesus die on a Friday? Join us as we bring out the truth about this... more

The largest Presbyterian Church body in America has agreed to support same sex marriage and change THEIR definition of marriage to include marriages between two men and two women. What pure blasphemy! Why are so many professed... more