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This new and exciting program deals with the everyday challenges of living a holy lifestyle in the Christian faith.

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A comedian backed out of hosting an awards show because of pressure from the God hating LGBT Mafia who accused him of homophobia. A so called Christian singer refused to call homosexuality a sin. What has happened to America?

The LGBT movement has taken over the world so why won't preachers step up and rebuke that wicked movement? Join us as we defend Biblical morality in this wicked world.

Why do millions worldwide observe a so called Christmas for the birth of Christ when it is pagan and NOT BIBLICAL? Why do church goers sit under the leadership of pastors who have no character or morality? Join us as we defend... more

How can a pastor be exposed as a fornicator but yet speak down to his congregation? Why are the masses of so called Christians following false prophets with no character or integrity? Join us as we discuss this and much... more

A minister underneath Paul Morton was caught in sexual crimes. Why is there no character in these false churches? Join us as we expose these Fake Christians!

Can you disobey the word of God and still be saved? Join us we break down the truth of God's word!

Why aren't pastors like TD Jakes standing on the truth of God''s word? Join us as we expose the frauds claiming to be Christians.

Why are churches not defending the Bible against transgender and homosexual/lesbian lifestyles? Join us as we expose these compromise ministries who are robbing God's people!

The Democrat Party has aligned themselves with the LGBT movement and the abortion lobby, making themselves enemies of God in the process! Can you be a Christian and support the Democrat Party? Join us as we discuss this and... more

Why are churches not defending Bible morality and bowing to the LGBT movement? Join us as we discuss this and much more!