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This new and exciting program deals with the everyday challenges of living a holy lifestyle in the Christian faith.

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A so called minister says we should not criticze Joel Osteen because he is a "soldier for Christ." However if we examine the doctrine of Joel Osteen, we will see by his fruit (character, lifestyle) that he is not a saved Holy Ghost... more

The pressure to make a once and for all decision on same sex marriage nationwide is mounting on the US Supreme Court and now Duke University has released a study showing more and more churches and religious factions are... more

The compromise of the holy word of God continues as the battle over same sex marriage heats up. In addition Catholic Cardinal Timothy Dolan is serving as Grand Marshall of the next St. Patrick's Day Parade in New York and sodomites... more

A federal judge deciding over the fates of the same sex marriage bans in Indiana and Wisconsin showed his hatred for God with a blistering attack against those defending traditional values and he is a conservative Reagan appointee! Why... more

Another federal judge has struck down a state same sex marriage ban and more are yet coming. A so called trans teenager took her own life by stepping in front of a train! A New York couple was fined for not allowing a lesbian couple to... more


Jesus gave a powerful teaching in the 10th chapter of St. John when he said that HIS SHEEP hear his voice and will not obey the voice of a HIRELING (false spiritual leader). If a preacher is not preaching the Apostles Doctrine, which... more

GOD NEVER HAD A FATHER OR SON, AND HE DEFINITELY DID NOT HAVE A MOTHER. How did the lie of a so called blessed trinity make it into the Christian church? What did the Prophets and Apostles teach concerning the... more

Paul made a powerful statement saying that we are to continue in the doctrine for we will SAVE OURSELVES and those that hear us. What doctrine was the Apostle referring to? Why don't so called Christian churches teach the doctrine... more

The events that took place at Azusa Street in the early 1900's forever changed the course of Christianity and brought the truth of God's word back to the forefront. We will briefly examine this miracle revival and the man called by God... more