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This new and exciting program deals with the everyday challenges of living a holy lifestyle in the Christian faith.

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A Judge in Utah recused himself from an adoption case involving a lesbian couple after public presure. Why are preachers and politicians bowing to this homosexual movement? Who is there left defending the Bible morals? If the church doesn't... more

Obama became the first sitting US President to appear on a LGBT themed magazine cover. A judge in Utah ruled a lesbian couple isnt fit to raise an adopted child. Also the Muslim terrorist attack in Paris showed the world is not safe and... more

The voters of Houston soundly defeated a LGBT bill that could have led to grown men in the bathrooms with little children of the opposite sex! The federal government ruled against a school that would not allow a boy who they call... more

Why do Christians participate in a demonic holiday like Halloween when they know it is pagan in origin. Join us as we discuss this and more false traditions that have crept into the church!

There is a strong teaching going forward that you don't need religion to have a personal relationship with Christ. Can you serve God while disobeying his word? Plus more news concerning the homosexual revolt against God!

Its sad that so many coward preachers and politicians refuse to defend God's word. If God called us to defend the faith we can't be slack in our commission. Join us as we defend the faith once delivered. Plus more news on the... more

Homosexual pastors! False leaders being called His Holiness. The true Prophet, Bishop H. Walker, is rejected! And thay lying demon Creflo Dollar says Jesus bled and died so we could be rich! Why are so many so called Christians in false... more

From trinity to eternal security to the celebration of pagan holidays and the emergence of pulpit pimps there is so much false doctrine in secular Christianity today. Join us as we deliver the truth of the Jesus Only doctrine and defend the... more

Pope Francis has the nation and world going crazy, but he represents the Roman church that blasphemes the truth of God's holy word. Why are people calling the Pope Holy Father? Did the Pope defend God's word at his Congressional... more

A controversy has begun over whether or not Obama is a Christian. Jesus said by their fruits (character, lifestyle) ye shall know them. Obama cant be a Christian supporting same sex marriage and baby murder! Join us as we break down the... more