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This new and exciting program deals with the everyday challenges of living a holy lifestyle in the Christian faith.

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Why do the haters of God always seem to attack the church, flag, national anthem, and now the Pledge of Allegiance? Join us as we break down Bible scripture and tie it in with current events!

The LGBT movement continues to unchallenged by most politicians and pastors, but as Christians we should always defend the Bible and rebuke sin and evil! Join us we defend the faith once delivered.

Why are Federal judges telling us that taxpayers have to pay for sex changes? Why are preachers not teaching the doctrine? Who is truly "saved" according to the Bible? Join us as we expound on sound doctrine. Don't miss!

Join us as we break down Matthew Chapter 7 and prove BY SCRIPTURE who is truly saved and who will be rejected by God! And we will continue to expose the wicked LGBT movement and the so called "Bible Answer Man."

Why is it that megachurches don't mention holiness but they always mention giving the money? Join us as we prove by scripture the church of God must be holy

Join us as we discuss the wicked LGBT movement as it continues to challenge the authority of God!

How can churches claim to be Christian and yet blaspheme the Word of God? Is love an excuse to violate God's law? Join us as we break down Bible scriptures as they relate to current events.

A man in Canada is threatened with prison time for distributing pamphlets rightly condemning the unGodly wicked,vile homosexual lifestyle. And in Pennsylvania a Christian adoption agency is being forced to allow homosexual couples to adopt... more

A popular evangelist recently made a blasphemous statement that believing in Hell is just like believing in a fairy tale. What? Why do the masses seem to flock to the false prophets? Join us we expose and correct the hypocrites!

Many so called Chrisitians are seeking salvation outside of the church, but where can you find truth save God's true church? Join us we expose hypocrites like Rob Bell!