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This new and exciting program deals with the everyday challenges of living a holy lifestyle in the Christian faith.

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Why do millions of so called Christians celebrate Easter as the resurrection of Christ when there is no Bible for it? What does a bunny have to do with Jesus Christ? Did Jesus die on a Friday? Join us as we bring out the truth about this... more

The largest Presbyterian Church body in America has agreed to support same sex marriage and change THEIR definition of marriage to include marriages between two men and two women. What pure blasphemy! Why are so many professed... more

An uproar has been started over a lesbian so called Bishop lecturing at a Baptist church seminar. Is this is a sin in the eyes of God? The false prophets and PULPIT PIMPS are continuing to flourish by robbing God's people, but what are... more

Recently ABC Family's The Fosters, a show about a lesbian couple adopting children, featured two 13 year old boys kissing. What a travesty and pathetic shame! Why is Satan pushing the envelope in these last days. Dr. Brn Carson... more

Recently lesbian pundit Sally Kohn made a remark that she wants her 6 year old daughter to be a lesbian when she grows up. What a crying shame! Where is the media outrage over this Godless remark? In other news, there is a plan to open... more

Rob Bell, the former mega church pastor, and now spiritual adviser to Oprah Winfrey, blasphemed by saying the Christian church is on the verge of accepting same sex marriage and that the church will become more irrelevant by relying on... more

Why are many pastors now "coming out" and claiming that God is speaking to them and telling them that homosexuality is no longer a sin and that they should support same sex marriage? Why are there so many diverse doctrines in... more

Former pastor and Governor Mike Huckabee says he has so called "gay" friends comparing that to having friends who curse and drink. Is is a fair comparison to compare the homosexual lifestyle to other sinful lifestyle choices? Once again... more

GRACE DOESN'T REPLACE HOLINESS! Why do the majority of so called Christians believe in the unBiblical doctrine of once saved always saved or eternal security, which makes sinners think they can still go to heaven? Another church... more

Why is Obama, primarily through the SUBHUMAN LGBT army, trying to silence Christians? Another state, Alabama, had their statewide constitutional ban on same sex marriage reversed by a federal judge. Fired Atlanta Fire Chief Kelvin... more