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This new and exciting program deals with the everyday challenges of living a holy lifestyle in the Christian faith.

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Another so called church has decided to fall sway to the wicked sodomite and lesbian persuasion. Why are politicians and preachers terrified of the LGBT movement? Join us as we defend Bible truth without compromise!

The word reveals the doctrine saves us, but what is the true and correct doctrine? Are denominations Biblical? What is the Apostles Doctrine? Join us as we bring you Biblical truth!

Famous televangelist TD Jakes said his position on same sex marriage is "evolving" and that it is a myth that America is a Christian nation. He also said each church should make their own policies dealing with homosexual issues... more

Why do people call themselves Christians but disobey the Holy Bible? Is once saved always saved a sound Biblical principle or lie? Do you pass the test of Bible Obedience? Why did the Boy Scouts give in to the homosexual movement? Join... more

Another hypocrite preacher, Dewey Smith, has compared being born black to choosing to be a homosexual or lesbian! Why are so called pastors bowing to the wicked LGBT movement? Why do they defend vile behavior instead of God's... more

Once again Jimmy Carter blasphemes the word of God by saying Jesus would support same sex marriage. Another terrorist attack by an Islamic jihadist leaves American military personnel dead. A homosexual pastor in Michigan is forced to... more

Coward Joel Osteen says its not HIS CALLING to preach on controversial topics like same sex marraige.Several defiant clerks have resigned rather than sign same sex marriage licenses. The Episcopal Church has become the latest... more

Yesterday was a sad day in America history when the highest court in the land approved same sex marriage nationwide. The true church must now stand because a great persecution is on the way. Where do you stand? Don't miss... more

Another Christian business that took a stand on Bible principles against the LGBT movement claims they are being forced to shut down. The buzz phrase in secular Christianity today is "personal relationship with Jesus Christ" but what does that... more

Creflo Dollar is peddling the lie that God corrects, but he doesn't punish. This is to protect the heretical Unbiblical teaching of eternal security, or once saved always saved. Why do millions fall for these lying wonders posing as Christian pastors?... more