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This new and exciting program deals with the everyday challenges of living a holy lifestyle in the Christian faith.

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Why is Obama, primarily through the SUBHUMAN LGBT army, trying to silence Christians? Another state, Alabama, had their statewide constitutional ban on same sex marriage reversed by a federal judge. Fired Atlanta Fire Chief Kelvin... more

The US Supreme Court has announced they will make a decision on same sex marriage in the coming months. A Muslim group was set to have their call to prayer blared from a so called CHRISTIAN CHAPEL for all the campus to hear... more

Three more states are on course to have their bans on same marriage struck down. A so called pastor is married to a woman but says he still is atracted to men. And a North Carolina town that couldn't afford to defend itself against a... more

A Newsweek article came out recently slamming Chrstians especially regarding our stance against the homosexual revolution. A so called transgender teen took his life because he felt he was a girl trapped in a boy's body. SAD! Kirk... more

Why have churches gotten away from teaching the doctrine? Are we saved simply by professing Jesus as Lord and Savior? What does it mean to be born again? Is separation optional or a commandment we must obey? Join us as we reveal the... more

A pastor in Jamaica had a a foot washing ceremony where he washed the feet of practicing lesbians and transgenders. Is this Biblically sound? The Supreme Court has declined to reverse a decsion by a judge ruling Florida's same sex... more

A billboard saying no one is born "gay' is creating a national stir. The Pope says parents should stand by their homosexual and lesbian kids. South Carolina is trying to pass a law that would allow for probabte judges who have Christian... more

Why do so many professed Christians celebrate a so called Christmas when there is no Bible record to back them up? Who was really born on December 25th? Where did the decorated tree come from and is it condemned in the scriptures?... more

The FDA once again is debating whether or not to lift the ban on homosexuals donating blood in America. More states in America, and now the nation of Finland, have fell sway to the LGBT movement and legalized same sex marriage. And... more

A top Obama donor who is also a co founder of two major LGBT organizations was arrested and charged with sexual crimes against an underage boy. Why is the media downplaying this huge story? Plus same sex marriages began... more