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This new and exciting program deals with the everyday challenges of living a holy lifestyle in the Christian faith.

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Do you believe in the so called trinity? Do you celebrate Christmas and Easter? Do you believe in eternal security or once saved? Do you believe in saying the sinner's prayer and then you are saved? If you answered yes to any of the... more

There is only one true Christian church and doctrine and it can never be compromised. What does it mean to be evangelical? Plus did a major NBA star just come out if the proverbial closet? Stay tuned to the True Light!

The homosexual and lesbian wicked spirit has infiltrated the world and the church and so called pastors are running away shaking in their boots . Why are so called Christians violating the sacred covenant based on holiness and obedience? How... more

The Anglican church gave the American Episcopalians a slap on the wrist for approving of same sex marriage, but is it enough? Kim Davis still refuses to preach against homosexual and lesbian behavior but focuses just on same sex... more

Alabama chief Justice Roy Moore ordered the counties in his state to stop issuing same sex marriage licenses but the honosexual lobby still won out. Can a person be a homosexual and still be a practicing Christian? Join us for Biblical... more

A young basketball player was sexually asaulted by his older teammates. Another pastor is accused of sexually molesting a young man in his church. Obama has blasphemed against God but hypocrite pastors claim they have him Covered in... more

Pastor Perry Noble of New Spring Church located in South Carolina has built a megachurch on lies, deception and a perverted gospel. We will rebuke and expose his lies and false doctrine! Don't miss!

Actress Keke Palmer said she doesn't want to define her sexuality and that she is not representing the "traditional" woman anymore.This is after she made a music video in a sexual situation with a woman. Also a court ruled a Catholic school... more

Join us as we reveal the pagan origin of Christmas, which is for the birth of the pagan god Tammuz according to scripture. If we are truly saved, can we violate the Holy scriptures? Plus join us for more news concerning false prophets... more

Another Muslim terrorist attack in California left 14 dead and many injured. A Christian family in Norway had their five kids taken away from them because of Christian indoctrination. The Pentagon is recommending that women be allowed... more