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"The Spiritual Teachings of Christ...For the elect few, 144,000" This broadcast is about raising the awareness of ones spiritual self and our relationship to the whole of creation. We believe that through this awareness one would be able to find true love, peace,joy and happiness. We also will share the knowledge of self healing which means utilizing your own spiritual body to strengthen your immune system and heal the body. In addition to healing the body we will be discussing ways to heal the mind and heart from any unwanted disturbance or suffering. All emotional suffering is self created and can be eliminated. All of these things will be learned through discussing everyday issues with regards to family, work, friends, and other life experiences.

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In order to has to be up. Who are these angels spoken about in Genesis chapter 6 and were are they now....Let's Talk....19

Did the serpent tell the truth in the garden of eden? Do serpents even speak...? Is the serpent telling you the truth now? Let's Talk.....19

Behold , I will send my messenger, and he shall prepare the way before me: and the lord whom you seek, shall suddenly come to his Temple, even the messenger of the convenant, whom you delight in: Behold, he shall come, said the lord... more

The bible and Koran along with many other references and eye witness accounts have reported sitings and findings of vehicals and beings who come from other worlds.., Why are people afraid to acknowldge the facts?..Is it because people... more

There is a big difference between knowing the path and walking the path...Let's talk.......19

Be ye perfect as your father in heaven is perfect.....Matthew 5:48........19

Are you a jealous God?......This broadcast is about raising the awareness of the divine that is within all...We are concern with restoring peace on earth. Love is the key ...God is love ..The creator is known by many names, by many different... more

Who is the Angel Michael?........PT2

Who is the Michael that is spoken of in the book of Daniel that we should be looking for in these last days and time?

This is the last part of this topic in the series of "Who is the comforter in this day and time.."We pray you all get something positive out of you.....19