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True Journey Radio is designed to shed much needed light on issues that are relevant to society. No more suffering in silence! Hear any episode on demand anytime...Sponsored by Xtreme Heat Sports Management & Phat Barz Records

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Self Mutilation comes in many forms usually linked to severe clinical depression. Cutting and burning one self are methods some use in order to "feel something" physically in hopes that it eases the internal pain festering inside emotionally. Let's discuss why a person would continually harm themselves.
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Discussing body image and the overwhelming need to be thin by not eating or binge eating

Racism is a touchy subject for many. Let's discuss how much we have really progressed as a nation since the era of the Jim Crow laws and the civil rights movement. With today's headlines we are hearing rumors of police brutality,... more

With the holidays rapidly approaching, the TJRS discuss depression and it's significance; especially during the holiday season accompanied by memories, family dinners, gift buying (money worries) and declarations of better living... more

Let's discuss marriage and all of the many reasons people choose to get married outside of love. Not only do women marry for money but some men have made a great living off of wealthy women seeking love at all costs. Do you believe in... more

We welcome The H.O.P.E Institute female veteran's assistance program from El Paso Texas! We will be discussing help available for female veterans whether it be housing, work or education. Join us as we salute our brave veterans!... more

Joseph J. Soulamon will talk about simple ways people can protect themselves during the "cold & flu season" by strengthening their immune systems. We will be discussing well documented immune boosting strategies as well as natural... more

Many women suffer with the knowledge that they ultimately married a cheater. Some women ignore it and others immediately head straight to divorce court. What do you do when you find out your husband is a cheater? Let's ask author... more

Talking about Domestic Violence and all of it's variables. Did you know that some women enjoy abuse, which sounds crazy but it is a reality? Some men are provoked to anger and rage by the women in their lives simply because she... more

There is a belief that some part of us survives death and returns to earth in another body. We do know that energy doesn't die so where exactly does it go when our physical body has passed away and returned to dust? Many... more

Every six minutes a women is diagnosed with breast cancer. In November 2010 Maxine Devereaux became one in six, her number had been called and she was diagnosed with Triple Negative Breast Cancer, stage C3. Fueled by life-altering... more
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