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True Journey Radio is designed to shed much needed light on issues that are relevant to society. No more suffering in silence! Hear any episode on demand anytime...Sponsored by Xtreme Heat Sports Management & Phat Barz Records

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Join Ms. Mary & Dr. Janet Arceneaux as they discuss family and the dysfunction thereof...Family baggage! And by baggage we mean past hurts, happiness and attitudes. For example, we all have developed ways of dealing with situations... more

We have heard of mega church ministers approving their church to be a small shopping center and asking their members for ridiculous amounts of money in order to fund their lifestyle in the name of spreading the gospel but how much is... more

Are you a good person? We all have different opinions as to what makes a person seem "good"...of good character. What do you think are quality traits an individual must have in order to be considered a "good person"?

Do you have a close family? Maybe some major disagreements have happened and your family is not as close as it should be. Join us as we talk about family dynamics...the psychology of the family. Join Ms. Mary, Saunta James & Wil the... more

Everyone has a different opinion as to how children gain knowledge. Is it environment or genetics? Do you believe that children's morals and values are shaped by specific upbringing or mentally and psychologically ingrained no... more

Many of us have been traumatized mentally, physically, emotionally, sexually and/or spiritually in the past. Let's discuss how we can release the pain and emotional turmoil that hinders our growth. Personal baggage can spoil every... more

The everyday grind of going to work can be mentally and physically draining. Let's discuss ways to eliminate your stress while working.

You're More Than Their Mother™ is dedicated to the Personal Development of mothers. Sherlyn specializes in providing transformational tools and training in Time Management, Goal Achievement and Balance. As a Motivational Speaker... more

Black History month is celebrated but misunderstood; especially among blacks. Many black children are ignorant to the facts of their heritage for one reason or another. Join Ms. Mary and crew to discuss!

Self Mutilation comes in many forms usually linked to severe clinical depression. Cutting and burning one self are methods some use in order to "feel something" physically in hopes that it eases the internal pain festering inside emotionally.... more
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