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True Forgiveness Teachings

True Forgiveness Teachings


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Interested in the Spiritual thought system A Course in Miracles? Welcome to True Forgiveness Teachings, where you'll learn how to experience inner peace no matter WHAT is happening in your life! Join therapist and broadcast journalist Jackie Lora Jones in practicing the principles and power of true forgiveness as taught in A Course in Miracles. Discover the tools to transform how you look at your life with suggestions from Course authors and teachers. Change the default setting in your mind from automatic judgment, blame, victimhood and fear to automatic forgiveness, kindness, peace and love. Let's wake up together!

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I think we'd all agree that relationships are challenging! Join Jackie and Bruce as they discuss how to change the purpose of relationships so they can be made Holy, as taught in A Course in Miracles. Let's change from nightmare dreams to... more

We are all looking for help in some form. "Help me get the right job, or help me find a good relationship", we scream! A Course in Miracles has a unique perspective on what asking for help means and how we can graduate from... more

Salvation seems to come from anywhere except yourself. We look to anything external to bring us peace and happiness. It's not out there! Learn how to take charge of your mind and be at peace in an instant in any situation. Jackie &... more

Why is it so hard to find peace in our relationships? Especially in our "romantic" ones? A Course in Miracles reminds us that we are looking in the wrong place for our salvation. Jackie discusses how to find inner peace in any relationship and... more

A Course in Miracles teaches that we have forgotten we are the dreamer of the dream and not the body in the dream. The body is just a shadow cast by the mind that made it to experience separation instead of wholeness and unity. Jackie... more

The Holy Instant's purpose "is to suspend judgment entirely." In this episode Jackie & Bruce discuss how salvation is found in the holy instant. All special relationships are healed together when used for the Holy Spirit's purpose. The... more

Why does it seem so hard to be happy or peaceful in this crazy world? Why does anguish always return at some point? Join Jackie and her guest Barret Hedeen, author and energy healer, as they discuss healing the separation from God. A... more

When we choose our right-minded internal teacher we have the answer to every problem! Why? Because there's only one problem. Join Jackie & Bruce as they discuss this incredible teaching from the spiritual thought system A Course in... more

Wouldn't it be wonderful and give us peace of mind if we could forgive all people and circumstances in our lives with ease and minimal tension? A Course in Miracles says we can, provided we choose our right - minded teacher as our... more

Wouldn't it be nice to have the answer to every problem? The world tells us there are many problems, but A Course in Miracles teaches us there's only one. Let's undo the ego by changing its purpose! Ready for inner peace? Join Jackie and... more