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On today's episode of the Pop Culture show, we are discussing Miley Cyrus' hospitalization, how promposals are taking over this spring, the hoax bom at the Boston Marathon, our Word of the Day, and a host of other topics!

Tonight on The Current Issues Show Jaytee and Cam discuss two very hot topics. As we dig into what's wrong or not wrong with the economy and the finer points of Gun Control we will recieve input from two guest hosts.

In one of the most undervalued national championships in memory and we will debate how this game will be seen by the general public as well as who will win. We will also discuss the skidding Pacers and the thundering west and Heat... more

In tonight's episode we discuss the latest issues on the Pop Culture Show. Get the inside scoop on Jame Franko, The Survivor Show, Addicting games and the Walking Dead. We will also discuss one of our hosts love life. All of these topics... more

Tonight on the current issues show we talk about the New York task force reviewing rollout of education reform, New Jersey discussing if they should legalize Marijuana or not, and we talk about the Immigration coalition targeting... more

WIth a very interesting Final Four, to say the least, is coming to a formidable end as two SEC teams and two 7 seeds or above face off in North Texas this weekend. Also as Opening Day has started we discuss the state of baseball... more

Education & Immigration. Are these two seperate situations being handled properly? Do the laws surrounding these issue need to change? What could be done differently? This time a country is REQUESTING to join the Russian... more

With one of the most fun to watch March Madnesses in recent memory, we will be discussing how the upsets have changed the landscape and how the tournament has shaped up so far. Next we will be discussing Mark Cuban and his... more

This is the pilot for the Pop Culture Show. Jaytee Wells is joined by three new hosts to discuss the latest in pop culutre. Topics for tonights discussion include songs that changed everything, why celeberties are important, March Madness... more
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