Connecting with Your Body Through Place

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Join me for a fascinating discussion with Annabelle Berrios, JD, MA, a dear friend of mine who is exploring the relationship between our bodies and the places we inhabit.

As Annabelle says, "When occupying the body feels uncomfortable or unsafe, the places we inhabit, past and present, offer clues and portals to transforming our relationship with the body and the world. Places embody myths and cultures that also occupy the human body."

Annabelle and I will explore the place/body connection and she will offer practical exercise you can do to begin to work with this connection. 

Annabelle is a graduate of Boston College Law School and the California Institute for Integral Studies. She is the author of the forthcoming Reclaiming Enchantment, Discovering Justice: the Conquest of Inner Seduction about the convergence of cultures currently happening in her body. 

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