Come out of her, my people


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Outreach program for Tribes of aboriginal nations

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Come out of her my people
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You cant become free unless you first free your mind!

Come Out of her My People Outreach Program presents: prag·ma·tism [prag-muh-tiz-uhm] noun 1.character or conduct that emphasizes practicality. 2.a philosophical movement or system having various... more

Resurrection of The Body of The Christ

My brother has been sick for a while everybody knows it but him, he's in desperate need of ? "Status Civitas"

Come Out of Her My People outreach program brings to you a dynamic topic. A topic that will shed light into our inner city activities and how engineered hate realized, knowledge of self, and a return to Theocracy will mend the breach that... more

Things we need to know to be a Noble, prosperous people once again!

Tribes of Aboriginal Nations Outreach Blogtalk Radio

Are the Laws Statutes and Commandments done away with according to the New Testament? The truth is NO!!! We shall look at the words of The Christ and deal solely with the New Testament view point of the Laws, Statutes, and... more

Wisest man in the Kingdom of Fools. Tribes of Aboriginal Nations Outreach Blogtalk Radio

Part 3 of Perteth the Judgement........Guilty as Sin. The message continues. Where there is transgression of the law there is the need for atonement. Animal sacrfice in the said old testament was a commercial transaction/fine for breaking... more