Come out of her, my people


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Outreach program for Tribes of aboriginal nations

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Who and what is a god? How does this relate to our individual spirituality? Is it possible to be god? Does being a god interfere or replace The Most High God creator of all? Is it blaspheme to call one's self a god? Idolatry and self-exaltation. We will explore the mental illness of self-proclaimed Prophets, Messengers, and gods vs. what it really means. interpretations can never match up to the actual defined meanings behind the words. Still yet we shall understand the meaning of what the scriptures mean by stating that the chosen people are above all overs on the Earth.
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Are you chattel property? Do you worship idols? Moors, Muslims, Moslems, Egyptologists, Hebrews, Nationalists, Gods and Goddesses all have this in Common....they all have Christian Names.

The Eric Garner Verdict

Religion vs The Creator of all

After watching "Backstage" which is the documentary on the "Hard knock life" tour and looking at present headlines in the the news, it's simple to see We have issues!!! Bill Cosby, Dwight Howard, Ray Rice, Adrian Peterson. Not only do we... more

Tribes of Aboriginal Nations Outreach Blogtalk Radio

400 Year Cursed lifted............Think.....Listen.....Reason!!!

Our people suffer from a lack of simple comprehension in matters of Law and why there are designations specifically to separate people in a certain state of mind from persons in their state of mind and condition. In relationships there is... more

What you didn't know about Drake. Why do Christians celebrate Satan's Holidays? The Reality of Ebola.

Tribes of Aboriginal Nations Outreach Blogtalk Radio

Come out of her my people