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Basically We talk about different topics every show. I WILL ANSWER ALL CALL INS!! I will also do Chat Room Shoutouts. Shows will be 30 minutes every time. I Might be 17 years old, but i still got the potential to rock this show LIKE A SIR! Dueces!

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Well, hello! it's been a while! SO GET TO THE CHOOOOOOPPPPPPPPPAAAAAAAAAAAA! Subscribe to me!

well i don't know what to say. a LOT has happened since my last show. DOC, god! just call in 646-378-1310! put your opinion on the corrupt mental health care system into my show! i may be 16, but i got a lot to... more

Well imma talk about my hobbie(s), World problems Stuff like that. WITH THAT BEING SAID..... Y'all Should call in. 323-927-2940 !!! Listen,like, find me on facebook.

Got my bro Damien thats gonna stop in and host instead of nate. whatever comes to mind, is gonna be on the air! :) CALL IN IS 323-927-2940!!!!!!!!

Crazy Shit lol Gonna be flying solo today. I NEED CALLERS!!! 323-927-2940 PLEASE CALL IN :'D Maybe i'll talk about Dubstep. Or something lol

I got nothing to do, so i got my buddy Nate in the house. Check his channel out CALL IN

Yo people My buddy Nate AKA SPORTZ TALK

Well after a dispute between me and AC, he is no longer on the show for good. OTHERWISE lets talk about just whatever comes to mind Call in is 323-927-2940

Normal stuff. Sports, talk, opinions on the world local national and international, and sports

I have nothing to do on this beautiful Sunday morning, so get into the chat, call up, give some shout outs here!! i might talk a little about the news and stuff