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Over 56,000 Listeners and Growing! Hello my name is Karlyn and I am the Co-Founder of Trends2000 Training Center. At Trends2000 we bring people & business together. I currently train and coach business owners, entrepreneurs and home business professionals all over America. I have been coaching and providing consultation in areas of marketing, sales and power approaches, how to use your phone, phone posturing, tips for proper communication, good words/bad words and how to improve closing ratio's, just to name a few since 1978. I look forward to providing you with strategies and tips that you will be able to utilize in your area of expertise. INSPIRING you with BIG ideas and THOUGHTS so you can realize your full potential is my WHY and my PASSION in life!

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Today we'll discuss what is the greatest marketing tool to hit the internet in over 13 years! Show Run Air Time: 30-60 Minutes

Today's show we will ask the question, get rich quick or get wealthy guaranteed? A lot of people today are looking for the quick fix to their financial challenges, today we'll talk candidly about this. [Show air time: 30 - 60 min.]

On today's show we will be discussing the skills that are required to taking your power back! Show air time 30 - 60 minutes...

Today we will fill you in on the newest trend to take the internet by storm, video e-mail. Did you know? Over 80% of respondents plan to use video emails in 2010, and more in 2011, while in 2009 only 15.7% of responders used video in their... more

Today you'll learn how to make the phone work for you. Come join us, it will be fun! [ Air time 30 - 60 mins. ]

How to assure you can change your sales ratio's and bat a 1,000. [Show time 30 minutes.]

Learn the additional marketing tips that are sure to give you the exposure you're looking for. [Show runs 30-60 min.]

[Show Run time: 30-60 min.] Have you ever seen a water rescue during a flood? The rescuers throw many lifelines out to the person whose in danger. All they have to do is grab one line. The same is true in sales, your prospect only needs... more

Unplugged; raw and fun. Come join us for a fun filled show. Be a fly on the wall as Karlyn and Stef banter back and forth about "The Talk." A show you won't want to miss!

[Show air run time 30-60 min] Karlyn will share with you her secrets to turning your calendar into a powerful tool.
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