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    RoundTrip #021 – Aww Amsterdam

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    You already know that we had a great trip to Paris because we have talked about that trip many, many times since returning. But did you also know we spent a few days in Amsterdam too?
    Amsterdam is beautiful and has a very laid back vibe. The city has a slew of museums and is a mix of new buildings, old buildings and canals. Because the city is extremely bike friendly we would suggest to look both ways before crossing streets. . . because a bike will run you over!  
    If traveling to Amsterdam from another city in Europe, consider traveling by train. Don’t let anyone convince you to trade seats on the train. . . especially if you are traveling with a “hangry” Kim.  We also suggest that you explore the city on a food tour with Urban Adventures. A trip to Amsterdam is not complete without visiting the Red Light District, if that’s your thing. You should probably get in some culture and check out museums like the Rijksmuseum! Oh, and of course get a selfie with the IAMSTERDAM sign.

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    Magical Martinique: The Island of Flowers

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    Imagine paradise where your senses explode with a banquet of color, or scents and flavors exicte, or where you experience exotic tranquility.  That is Martinique. 
    We enjoyed some planteur punch as we sat on a lovely Martinique beach with Muriel Wiltord from La Martinique Tourism who explained more about the island, it's unique culture and history and why Martinique is unique from other Caribbean islands. 
    During our visit to the island we were treated to some wonderful accommodations including Hotel Bakoua--the very first tourist hotel on Martinique.  Hotel Bakoua is a former family home that was built in a colonial architectural style. 
    We also visited the luxurious  Cap-est Lagoon Resort and Spa on the east coast of Martinique.  The tropical oasis is tucked away on a garden on the edge of a lagoon that overlooks a coral reef in the Atlantic Ocean. 
    One of Martinique's more powerful attractions is the Anse Cafard Slave Memorial.  This memorial was completed in 1998 to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the emanicipation of slaves in the French West Indies.  The memorial is comprised of 20 eight-foot tall looming statues bearing brooding expressions of loss and mourning. 
    The historic Habitation Clément tells the story of Martinique's creoles, its agricultural and industrial heritage.  Rhum Agricole was born at Habitation Clément and that it boasts the culture of an ancient Créole sugarcane plantation with rich French West Indian history.  

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    TravelPulse Radio – Episode 16: Politics and Travel, Cuba, Airline Food, More

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    Check out Episode 16 of TravelPulse Radio featuring an interview with Avoya Travel Vice President of Sales Scott Koepf! Also featuring TravelPulse.com Editor in Chief Tim Wood and Managing Editor Michael Schottey breaking down the hottest topics in travel, including mixing Politics and travel, the best season to hit the road, United Airlines’ new meal offerings, Carnival Cruise Line traveling to Cuba and so much more.

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    EAL Radio Episode 306

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    2-Man Crew Vs 3-Man Crew  We have a startling video posted on the radio show's website.  One that you need to see.  What do you think is the safer operations.  We welcome your comments on tonight's show Episode 306 departing Monday, February 20th at 7:00 pm ET.  See you at the Gate.

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    Why Do Black Men Travel ?: 773-897-3961

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    Tonight Jakerector Energy Academy is proud to present The Charles Tyler Show. The topic to be explored for this evening is: "Why Do Black Men Travel". Call into our LIVE STREAM number which is 783-897-3961. Feel free to call with your questions, comments, or concerns. Thank youfor listening to and sharing The Charles Tyler Show.

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    THE FLY BROTHER SHOW talks with Alovaddin Kalonov of Paramount Journey

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    On this week's show, I'm interviewing photographer, entrepreneur, and trekker Alovaddin Kalonov of Paramount Journey, direct from the small Asian country of Tajikistan. Alovaddin is an avid trekker and adventure sports enthusiast whose love for the pristine beauty of the Tajik landscape, people, and culture led him to start his own tour company. We talk about the history and beauty of Tajikistan, and, of course, travel on the Fly Brother Radio Show. Tune in and get lifted!

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    Soultrekking …. A whole different kind of Trip

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    Feeling unhappy, dissatisfied, lonely?  Do you fear that you’ve missed your calling?  Our guest today Jared Ciofalo wants you to know that At Any Given Moment You Have the Power to Say This is NOT How the Story is Going to End.
    Let us take you on a trek through YOUR soul.  Let’s discover your truths, your values and your worth.  Together let’s find your smile, your laughter and your joy.  
    Connect with Jared Ciofalo, Soultrekker Intuitive Life Guidance: Channeling the Hearts Truth •Website•Facebook•Instagram •The Good Men Project
     Join Kelly at Bucket List Retreats & TRAVEL CLUB Website•Facebook •YouTube •Instagram •Twitter • Pinterest

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    Whirl With Merle

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    Queenborough Performing Arts Center located at Queensborough Community College has a lineup of performances for this coming season.  Artrageous is one of them.  It is a combination of music and art. What is that all about?  Lauri Francis and John Dewolf will have the answers.
    Fashion art. Artist Nina Edward will be presenting her fashion illustrations in New York City's Garment District on Friday, February 24.  She will tell us about her art and what has lead up to her being an artist.  Art Curator Luchia Lee will also be talking with us and getting the message to Taiwan.  

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    Galapagos Islands with Special Guest Kristin Day from International Expeditions

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    The Galapagos Islands is a hig demand destination. It is an incredible place to visit and have some once-in-a-lifetime experiences and get up close to some amazing creatures like the Blue Footed Boobies, Red Frigates, Galapagos Giant Tortoise and many others. Today Kristin will be talking to us about what it is like to experience an expedition to the Galapagos. We will have the chat room open if you would like to ask questions live on the show.
    For more information about the Galapagos please go to www.ConnectWithHelen.com and pick a day and time that works for you for us to chat.

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    Multicultural Tourism: What is it and why is it important?

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    December 18, 2014 - LIVING A RICHER LIFE ~ Life Changing Talk Radio
    THEME: Multicultural Tourism: What is it and why is it important?
    INTERVIEW GUEST: Mr. Lou Phillips
    Lou Phillips is the Former Managing Director of Urban and Community Relations for American Airlines and the Founder and President of the Multicultural Tourism Development Alliance. After 27 years of service at American Airlines, Lou retired and founded a Northern Virginia branch of the Dr. Carter G. Woodson's Association. The Association launches strategies to celebrate African American History on a daily basis. In 2002, he launched "The Clio Exchange” television show as a tool to showcase African American achievements and expand public awareness of Dr. Carter G. Woodson. Lou is currently the President of iFaith Golf, a non-profit which sponsors the annual iFaith Golf Challenges to help feed the hungry, and the host of the Clio Exchange Express radio program.
    As the population of the United States becomes more diverse and globally more interdependent, it is important that we all become engaged as multicultural global citizens. Whether it's for gaining essential job & life skills or enhancing our contributions as international citizens, the importance of understanding and respecting cultural differences is becoming a global imperative. Multicultural travel plays an important role in understanding cultural differences.  Multicultural travel provides leisure and education. It enhances the traveler’s knowledge of the histories, cultures, and contributions of diverse groups in our global society. Multicultural travel also promotes a higher quality of personal decision-making and critical thinking regarding issues of cultural pluralism. Multicultural tourism is the fastest growing segment in the travel industry. What is multicultural tourism, who actually travels and why is it important?

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