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    This Week in the Land of Legends

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    A 15 minute program to let you know what is happening in the Land of Legends that is Cochise County, Arizona. Wine Tasting, Agriculture, and outdoor adventure.

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    The Rant Paranormal Corner with Heather Anne Pastore

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    Here we will talk about all things Paranormal and we we will be interviewing Paranormal Experts from the local NYC area!!!  

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    Building Our Membership Base

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    Red Rose Transportation Services, Inc. is a Membership Based company.  Our membership cards have their added features or perks.  These perks have the ability  to be used world wide, with a visa logo or brand.  Individual members can load as much as $10,000 at one given time for just $1.
    To find out more details, be sure to tune in to our next broadcast.
    Till next time...Take goodcare.

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    Going Global - Safety in protest in Thailand - Egypt

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    The news ALWAYS makes it worst that it really is... Rioting in LA, Sevistation in Hawaii, Drive by Shootings rampant in America, Red Shirts, Yellow Shirts Fighting in the streets of  Chiang Mai..Use common sense... Would you go to look for a riot in your home town... then don't look for the riot in your new country... Find out what the sighs of alligance are and make sure you are NEUTRAL... These and other tips... AND how to stay safe as a traveller and expat during turblent times...
    Election in Nepal, Red shirt yellow shirt Thailand, Holy wars whereever...
    Sometimes the planet seems like a minefield... Is it true... Not so Much.. the world is still and Enchanting Place to be...

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    Lisa Falours Bizarre Expat Exploits in France

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    I talk with Lisa Falour a United States Expat who has lived in France for almost 20 years. Lisa's artwork is in the permanent collections of female artists at MoMA and in many other major museum permanent collections around the world, such as the Moderna Museet in Stockholm, Sweden and The Museum of Modern Art in Mexico City, as well as smaller museums such as The Amarillo Museum of Art in Texas.  She has had more books published under a variety of pseudonyms than she recalls offhand, and in the past 25 years has appeared in many book anthologies.She writes in English, French and Italian and has written articles published all over the world since the '70s.  A former FM and AM radio show host in the USA, she most recently appeared as a guest on FRANCE CULTURE at Radio France in the "Mauvais Genres" series, and France recently voted that out of all the guests for 2013, the segment with her in French was the one they requested to be replayed by popular demand.  She has modeled, done movies, television, been a visiting artist in Tuscany, Italy, and semi-retired, enjoys travel and sharing fun things she discovers -- especially bargains and unknown places. 
    You can contact Lisa through her website: http://www.cutecatfaith.com

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    Holiday Travel Podcast

    in Travel

    Over the River, Through the Woods and in the Skys to Grandma's house we go. Great Picing, Avoiding Delays and Stress Free  

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    Costa Rica

    in Travel

    This a description of things to do while in Costa Rica

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    Cruising With Norwegian Cruise Line

    in Travel

    In the inaugural show of Travel with SP Worldwide Travel, Bill Posey, Director of Marketing, discusses the advantages of cruising with Norwegian Cruises.

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    Vanuatu morning sounds

    in Travel

    Listen to the birds as they wake up. It is 5 am in Port Vila, Vanuatu and this is the natural sound of the morning. 
    Enjoy and relax.

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    Ruby Slipper Cafe, New Orleans - a review

    in Travel

    The RUBY SLIPPER CAFE has three (3) locations in New Orleans.  I dined at a breakfast serving at the newest location at 2001 Burgundy Street. 
    There was a lot of devastation following Hurricane Katrina and the owners were compelled to contribute to the rebuilding efforts.  They created their first location with the goal of providing quality service to local residents and using local produce. 
    The RUBY SLIPPER has a strong commitment to the environment and local business in and around New Orleans.  They have become a favorite spot for locals and visitors alike.
    Visit them online at www.TheRubySlipperCafe.Net
    SLICK TRACY, Hotel Detective & Food Sleuth has a pre-recorded interview with the owners.

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    Cultivating Your Reputation with Mike Marchev

    in Travel

    On July 15th, 2013 Woman's Day Magazine published an online article written by Anne Roderique-Jones. The author was ill informed about the travel industry and wrote a very biased piece. It was sloppy and unprofessional journalism at its best.
    The travel industry immediately stood up and fought back with a mild retraction and apology being offered by the magazine by Tuesday. However, the damage has been done.
    MIke Marchev will join us on our show to discuss this article and how you as a travel professional can use it to Cultivate Your Reputation.
    "An international speaker by way of 18 countries. A speaker, trainer and specialist on the art of sales, marketing, customer service and employee motivation. My optimistic and realistic messages and strategies have been enthusiastically received by sales professionals and executives.
    With over thirty years of experience I have developed an ability to instill a sense of humor, adventure, and urgency regarding the extraordinary opportunities available in today’s business environment." as per Mike's website (www.MikeMarchev.com)
    Mike has worked with some of the leading industry companies such as; American Express, Vacation.com, Travel Leaders, Uniglobe, Results, Cruise Holidays, SeaMaster Cruises, Cruise Planners, Cruise-One, Cruise Inc, TravelSavers, Nest, Nexion, AAA, OSSN and more.
    Join us for this exciting show to see how you can turn a negative into a positive and watch your professional travel business soar.
    Our live chat bar will be open during the show so you can ask Mike questions and send along your feedback. You can also pre-email us your questions at info@DeannaByrne.com

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