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    Boss Chics Travel and Get Paid

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    Women being able to work from home to be at home for their children

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    Shari's Podunk Politics

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    How about those 99%er's !!!!!!  It's, a range fire gone wild, on Corporate America!!!! WOW!!!Thar's a change ah commin...and our politicans better listen to the people WHO RUN THIS COUNTRY!!!! and that would be you ,you and you...all of us that have been held down and put out by Corporate America.  So call in and speak out !!!!  I will have some good tunes to listen to while in between callers.

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    Pikes Peak Highway, 19 mile Panoramic Drive to the Summit

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    Pikes Peak Highways displays stunning panoramic views in the 19 mile trip to the summit.  Topography and scenery vary widely on this drive.
    In this episode we travel from the entrance to Glen Cove Inn.  We travel past many beautiful panoramic pull outs and 3 great lakes for fishing,
    Crystal Creek Reservoir and the Upper and Lower Catamont Lakes.
    Colorado Living is Attitude, Tough enough to climb 50 plus 14er's, backpack the 500 plus miles of the Colorado Trail or any other wilderness area, wading a river to gently placing a fly in front of a rising trout. Outdoor and Fitness Performance Gear Enhancing your Outdoor Experience. Colorado Native Wear™, "Lifestyle Gear as Unique As You!" Discover; http://bit.ly/2gefeTuColoradoNativeWear Grab your Ski's, Fly Rod, Pack, it doesn't Matter. Let's Go Explore! Stop by Trail of Highways™ https://goo.gl/BYASZg
    Happy Trails ;)
    Colorado Native Wear™ All Rights Reserved “Its Been a Most Excellent Adventure”?

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    How to get a better seat on you next flight

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    We'll talk about a few basic strategies to get you into the better exit rows, bulkheads, hidden and upgraded seats on your next flight. Call in and ask questions!

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    The OMR Show - United We Fall

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    Chinese Dr. David Dao is now known for his brutal removal from a United Airlines flight a few days ago. Since CEO Oscar Munoz's third apology, Dr. Dao is rumored to have hired a high power attorney. US Jusdge Nap agrees that Dr. Dao has a strong case. Queen Ex and LX discuss Dr. Dao's use of the race card, flying United Airlines and updates. Plus, new music news!
    Follow us online @theomrshow

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    Sunday the 8 at 12:30pm est/9:30am pst. WE will talk about what to bring on trip. Where its a plan, train, car, or a cruise. I well also show ypu how to pack your cloths to get more in your carry on bag and suite case. I will also answer any travel questions that you have!   

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    GR802 Episode 2- with guest Bill Kuhns & Music from Breakaway

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    In episode two, we're talking with Bill Kuhns. He's the founder of Vermont Energy Controls Systems at http://www.vecs.org.
    Today's music is from Breakaway - a musical project of Peter Riley and friends - https://www.facebook.com/Peter-RileyPiano-Works-108976145801670/
    Follow VTGR802 on Twitter, GR802 on Facebook or our website http://www.GR802.com 

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    Let's Talk Travel!

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    I will be sharing the amazing world of travel, featuring weekly travel specials and guest speakers. I will also show the advantages of being able to travel worldwide like an insider! I will provide resources and tools that will allow you to travel at wholesale costs and build partnersips with value! Let's Talk Travel! It's an amazing world and God wants you to see it!

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    Discovering Aruba

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    Aruba, a southern Caribbean Island situated just of the coast of Venezuela, can be counted on to be sunny and warm at any time of the year. The flat island is renowned for its white sand beaches.

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    One Gutsy Woman's Journey from Freeways to Flip Flops

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    During this show, I interview Sonia Marsh, who is the author of Freeways to Flip Flops and who is currently on a Peace Corps adventure in the remote mountain kingdom of Lesotho. She shares her travel adventures with us, including how she came to sell everything she owned and move from Southern California to Southern Africa. She also shares some good tips on how women can safely and happily travel solo. Learn more about Sonia Marsh and subscribe to her blog at www.soniamarsh.com.
    Terrance Zepke is an adventure travel expert, travel blogger, and travel agent. She is an award-winning and best-selling author of more than thirty books, including Terrance Talks Travel: A Pocket Guide to Adventure Travel, The Encyclopedia of Cheap Travel: Save Up to 90% on Lodging, Flights, Tours, Cruises & More!, Coastal South Carolina: Welcome to the Lowcountry, and Terrance Talks Travel: A Pocket Guide to South Africa. Learn more about Terrance Zepke and subscribe to her travel tips blog at www.terrancetalkstravel.com. 

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    Packing light, really light, makes the travel more delight !

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    If you are planning to check in your suitcase, make sure that you'll have a carry-on luggage for the nacasities and don’t forget to Include in your carry on your vital medicines and vitamins too.
     And Of course The U.S. Transportation Security Administration that know as (TSA) has strict regulations about carrying liquids, gels and aerosols: Each traveler is allowed to carry only one, quart-size, zip-top, clear plastic bag.And of course the TSA allows some exceptions to the 3 ounce containters/1 quart zip-top plastic rule,
    Before you hit your way to the airport take a photo of your suitcase in and out.
    Lock your suite case, even though it is not impossible for them to open it, but it will make it harder and maybe time consuming.  If you are taking laptop computer. Tape a business card or other identifying information on the bottom of your laptop to avoid loss or accidental "exchange" by travelers. Make sure that your suitcase has a tag on the outside and several tags on the inside. Mark your suitcase with a color cloth if it was black to identify it easier.
    And the best tip, listen to the end of the show to get the best advice
    Best Regards,   Travel Wt Maya 213-444-1589 www.TravelWtMaya.com ( For great deals Air,Hotel,Car rentals & others) www.LuxuryTravel4us.com ( For the  Virtuoso Traveler) www.WomenNetworkDubai.com ( Women event of the year) www.Cruise2Success.org (Setting your goals 2017) www.Oceaniacruises1.com (Best rates for Luxury Cruises)

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