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As Christ has taken up residence in our hearts, our lives emit the Light within. And this light has changed our lives and can impact those who are drawn to it. We must decrease so He will INCREASE, that our transparency will ultimately give God the Glory through a redeemed life through the Savior. Matthew 6:22 The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light.

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What does God look for in a friend? Tune in and hear Clae discuss what God desire in a friend.

Feel free to call in and share.

Being in the position to be used by God is a reward. Tune in and find out what this reward is.

What are you afraid of God has given you a Holy Sword, the WORD of GOD and the enemy is holding a popsicle stick, get EM! Tune in and find what this means @ 9pm EASTERN.

God will show up when there is devine order, but in the absence of the fear of God can He be glorified? Find out what this means at 9 pm Eastern Standard time as Clae expounds onthe Faith of Reverence.

The reading of the scriptures is a gratifying experience to the spirit and soul as it nourishes us, but at what point do you allow scripture to manifest into a life style? Tune in 10 pm Eastern Time and listen to Clae expound on living out Gods Word.

What does Jesus say about the defilment of a person? Tune in and talk with Clae for a gathering discussion of the defiling of the soul @ 9 pm Eastern time.

Single and waiting? Join me and my husband Clae on TRANSPARENT CHRISTIAN BLOG TALK RADIO SUNDAY nite @ 10pm as we encourage singles in their quest for Holy matrimony and the challenges they endeavor! Call... more

What has God put on you Heart to share, call in and help encourage people who need to hear a word from the Lord!

He's always near what God has for him and yields to the Spirit in obedience. Straud is the God man at home as well as in the work place. Tune in to hear his testimony @ 10 pm Eastern Wedensday night.
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