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As Christ has taken up residence in our hearts, our lives emit the Light within. And this light has changed our lives and can impact those who are drawn to it. We must decrease so He will INCREASE, that our transparency will ultimately give God the Glory through a redeemed life through the Savior. Matthew 6:22 The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light.

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World view, western view, lake view or plain view which view does God behold? What dominates your belief stance as oppose to the rest of the world? Listen to Clae dialogue on the many different aspects on how todays spiritual sense is... more

The man is by far the one who is accountable on how he leads His family. Is marriage 50/50 between husband and wife? Should the wife be accountable in this burden of leadership.

Having a plan is not always in place to react to life's challenges. Sometimes You have to hit the enemy head on! Listen in to hear what constitutes Shooting from the hip! Tune in!

The Nation is narrowing down to removing God out of all that we know, however there are few die hards who stand on the faithfulnesses of God. Tune in!

Pulling no punches when delivering the gospel of Jesus steps on many toes and possibly make more enemies. Who has the right to take this life changing news to the world with an attitude? With guest Shaianne we will delve into the... more

It's because of God we breath. You are nothing without Him. Humbleness is the breakfast of champs! Tune in!

Sometimes God will take us to the wilderness to show us ourselves! He knows what we are mnade of, but do you know what you are made of? Tune in!

Clae reveals the self kept secrets of the human criterior. Is there a sin you embrace? Do you identify with it and does it make you, you? TUNE IN!

Open Mic! Call in and speak your peace.

It's not a matter of when and where, but it is a FACT! Jesus will return at the appointed time God will appropiate. What will this event look like?
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