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Transparent Christians


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As Christ has taken up residence in our hearts, our lives emit the Light within. And this light has changed our lives and can impact those who are drawn to it. We must decrease so He will INCREASE, that our transparency will ultimately give God the Glory through a redeemed life through the Savior. Matthew 6:22 The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light.

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Is it possible for God to take His place in your life? Is Jesus welcomed to dwell in your abode? What are you doing to make the seetings right for them? Tune in!

By my own opinion here is why I think SOME of US are terrified of snow or destest the ideal of it...have an open mind.

How strong are the demons in your life? How big are they? What do your giants look like? You will be suprise to know how weak they are, listen in.

Some use the phrase" come as you are" to say God dont care how you appear. But is this phrase for new converts or for mature in the faith believers and is this a religious thing...tune in!

I have heard some people formulate all kinds of ways to believe in Christ. But lets understand one ting clear...He rose from the Dead.

Spiritual gifts governed by One Spirit encompassed in one Body, what does it mean?

The bible Speaks of 'sons of God'. Some believe that these very 'sons' address actual angels.But what does scripture tell us? Can man and spirit beings pro create an offspring birthing a race of giants? How can we be for certain that... more

Follow Along we do a commentary on reading out of Mark 9 and it's entirety

God is giving you more real estate! Have you moved in?
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