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Transparency Revolution


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Transparency Revolution is all about transparency as we encounter it (or the need for it) in business, in public institutions, and in society at large.

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Social media brings both opportunity and potential risk to organizations. The opportunity is for immediate and dynamic communication with customers and the entire ecosystem within which the organization operates. The potential risks... more

Trying to get at the nexus between career and life, or say between the working self and the whole self, is a pretty standard trope in the realm of career consulting / career advice. Less often do you hear any talk about how all this is... more

In order to succeed, companies must build and maintain strong relationships with many different entities and idividuals: employees, customers, suppliers, partners, government agencies, etc. How a company's messages are received by other... more

Visible.Me founder Tom Drugan joins us to discuss the intersection of personal braning / visibility and organizational transparency. Why there is a growing need for reputation management What Visible.Me is and why people use it. Why... more

Special guest Kate Sweetman joins us to discuss the relationship between leadership and transparency, including 1. An overview of the principles of leadership 2. A look at how leadership needs to adapt to today's market realities... more

Host Phil Bowermaster looks at unavoidable practice of corporate posturing. Companies need to create a public perception, but what happens when that perception runs counter to the facts? Moreover, what long-untested perceptions... more

Special guest Dan Ridge joins us to discuss why gimmicks and shortcuts are not the answer to fixing the hiring process, and how companies are missing out on opportunities to better position their business through that process. We discuss... more

Special guest David Mather joins us to discuss the relationship between business and information -- how businesses are more reliant on industry, market, competitive information than ever before In greater volume To greater depth At a... more

Host Phil Bowermaster welcomes Rob Bogosian to discuss corporate silence, the wilfull withholding of work-related information. Rob provides an overview of: How corporate silence comes about Why individuals enagage in it, and why some... more

Georgianna Meléndez joins us to discuss the Commonwealth Compact. The Compact is an agreement among approximately 200 Massachusetts organizations designed to address diversity issues through: 1. Making a serious commitment... more
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