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Tuesday live at 6:30 pm Eastern Standard Time. This station starring Mark Angelo (Occupational Therapist,Certified Nutritional Consultant/Personal Trainer) will cover many topics relating to the awakening, NWO issues, multidimensional beings, spirituality, duality, two spirit, religion vs. truth, music, transgender issues, sexual orientations, gender Identity Dysphoria, the Mayan Prophecy, Earths evolution.Copyright © all rights reserved Transition Radio Industries September 2012

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Transition radio is a prominant radio source letting your voice be heard. Call in with your questions and concerns. Listen to up to date information regarding issues in the LGBTA community, spirituality and more. Check out our website as well as my health blog Every week Mark Angelo will bring you up to date information regarding the LGBT community, Spirituality, and health tips, I will open the chat room and take calls so you can share your opinions and concerns. Letting your voices be heard. Let us grow and learn to understand one another.
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We have many lovers, soul mates and relationships but only one Twin Soul Transgender history, How to change your voice without hormones, How to come out at work, and much more. check out... more

We have been tought to fear sex, to think of it as evil. Why is that? Learn the secrets the ancient ones did not want you to learn. Call in with your stories, how you view sex and why?... more

Guest did not show up, and I created a Show with Spiritual tools for Growth Transition radio is a prominant radio source letting your voice be heard. Call in with your questions and concerns. Listen to up to date information regarding... more In Arkansas there is a anti-discrimination ordinance that they are trying to pass. This will protect the transgender community in Fayetteville. It is facing some... more

Topics of discussion: Other mental issues trans individuals face and are being overlooked by gender specialists. Two type of MTF's Understanding Autogynephillics Latest Trans News Your comments and Questions mis... more

This week we will cover the latest information regarding European Court of Human Rights: Countries without gay marriage laws are not obligated to marry same-sex couples if one of the partners is Transgender. Trans dating share your... more

The new voices of trans are the helping or hurting. The new generation has an attitude of self deserving and may be creating further divide and problems. New T for transmen how safe is it? Transmuseplanet latest article is uplifting and... more

Topics for this episode: Trans woman is answering her calling to become the first Trans Nun. Task Force withdraws support of Enda. Social Security changes for trans individuals we should all know about. State to State DMV policies:... more

These week topics are: Jet Blue wants our business but won't take care of their own, Obama announces executive order on gender identity, Trans Conneticut police officer fired after complaining about harrasment ( fair or unfair)? Hobby... more

This Broadcast will cover transmen becoming more visable,Lou Cutler wins the crown a trailblazer, R Kelly's trans child and how he feels about it, The T part of the LGB, fear of what others think can lead you to hiding who you are,... more
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