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Transformation Cafe

Transformation Cafe


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Welcome to the Transformation Café, a weekly half-hour of light, topical conversation about health, wellness, happiness, personal growth, spirituality, and other topics.

On-Demand Episodes

Join us as we begin a new book in the CafeBookClub - Codependency No More by Melody Beatty. Robin and Amy will be exploring the true meaning of codependency and how once knowing what it is and what it isn't, helps us to... more

Join us as we celebrate the 25th anniversary of Co Dependent No More by Melody Beatty. It is our next book in the CafeBook Club! Amy and I have both read this amazing book many years ago and WOW how our perceptions have... more

Join us as we welcome our fitness guru Deb to the show. She will be sharing the many ways fitness can help us to reduce stress, keep us strong both physically, mental, and yes even spiritually. lt is a new perspective for your finess program... more

Join us as we explore the many signs of grief with Pastor MIkki Ward. Mikke joined us last episode to help us walk through the Presidental election and now we'll be looking at the phenominon of the post election anxiety and its unque... more

Join us as we look at acceptance and how in understanding it we can create an empowering perspective that can enlarge our world and those around us. Our co-host Amy Frost witll be our guide. An inspring conversation that will bring a... more

Join us as we have an amazing conversation with our food Guru, Cate Fitzgerald. We'll be talking about all the wonderful ways we can eat guilt free for the holidays! YES, guilt free. Catie will also be sharing ways you can use foods to help you... more

Join us as our regulars share some tried and the ways to keep you stress free this holiday season. Amy Frost will be sharing a unique perspective that you may have never heard of before. It promises to be insightful, fun, and we'll be even... more

Join us as we welcome Chief Steadfast to our cafe. We will be learning about the unique role of the Shaman. Chief Steadfast will be sharing how he became a shaman and his unique responsibilities to the earth and its people. A unique and... more

Join us as our special guest chef, Dr Rachael Sand, will be sharing the unique way holistic psychotherapy can bring a new balance to our lives moment to moment. We'll be learing some of the helpful techniques that can treat you... more

Join us as our GuestChef - Marvine Lindberg joins us in the cafe to explore near dealth experiences. Marvine has experienced one her self and it promises to be an insightful, interesting and spiritual conversation! We'll be looking at what... more