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Transform Destiny

Transform Destiny


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In this episode, we'll answer the question, "Is that crazy stuff you see and hear about people controlling others real?" We'll talk about whether or not stage show participants are actually hypnotized or just playing around and if it's real, how a... more

For years, the debate has raged on about the mind-body connection, but is there really a debate? Western medicine has been very hesitant - some would say scared - to admit a connection between the mind and health. In this episode,... more

Have you ever noticed that you sometimes cut yourself down and insult yourself worse than even your worst enemy? If so, or even if you only have a somewhat nagging, negative internal voice, this is the show for you. We're going to talk... more

We're not talking about conspiracy theories, here. We're talking about using proven conversational hypnotic language patterns to influence you subconsciously. Is it real or fiction? Find out on Hypnosis Talk Online

Hypnotherapist, coach and trainer Michael Stevenson talks about how you can very simply change your thoughts to begin attracting automatic success. If you've seen the movies The Secret, or What the Bleep Do We Know, and still find... more

For the first half-hour of the show, Michael will discuss and take questions on hypnosis and deep trance phenomena, such as super strength, super senses, unconscious writing, deep trance identification (becoming someone else) and... more