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SUBSTANCE TALK RADIO'S TalkNChitw/TraCGmore Presents: Issues concerning Black Men and Women as well as the Nation as a whole. THIS SHOW IS RATED MATURE and shares ADULT SUBJECT MATTER. Round-table discussions are highly encouraged, so please call in! Please respect my panel and callers or you will easily get a dial tune! Show Days Are : TUESDAY - SUNDAY. Show Times Are (usually): 9pm CST - TUESDAY (Polemically Correct ) & 8pm CST FRIDAY (Friday's Fury:: Forum w/ Cisco Streetlove) & 10pm CST - SATURDAY (Symbiotic Chit). 12pm CST - every 3rd SUNDAY (UKNITE). ***Please check listings for schedule changes. Please sign in or you will be booted (depends on how I'm feeling.) ENJOY THE SHOW!!! = ) Also, if you want an announcement for your show, event, etc. to be heard on TNCw/TG, please feel free to inbox me on FACEBOOK or email me at along with the words "BTR" in the Subject box with your link and details. Thanks! ----------------------------------- If you just so happen to marvel my groovy, bad kick boo-tay profile pic., please click on, check out and enjoy the following link: Your support is truly valued. THANKS SO MUCH! = )

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WELCOME TO POLEMICALLY CORRECT!!! On Tonight's Show: We'll discuss . ~ Poli-tricks of the Poli-ticks ~ Racism, White Terrorism ~ National Headlines: Disclaimer: This show shares ADULT content and is rated MATURE.
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CHA MOAN and take a seat! Bombing and murder of 85 teens in Norway. Wisconsin teens open up some whup ass on crowd. London riots. Man in Mississippi murdered by 8 teens. Brother Drew X of Southern NBPP stops by.... more

CHA MOAN and take a seat.!!! Article and Video... more

CHA MOAN and take a seat! The media is fuggin' with our babies. We need to boycott these bastids as they would to us. Join me! WBBM... more

CHA MOAN and take a seat!!! = ) Malcolm X's youngest daughter, Malikah Shabazz sentenced. Eddie Long's 5th accuser. 1,2,3,4, fif! U heard! UNARMED 13 year old shot 8 times by CPD. And a lil RED and BLUE symbolism. Join... more

The NigGOD speaks as the GODs' PEAK! Tonight the "infamous" LLO525Star speaks on his lastest creation Transformers 11:11 Convergence, the Bourgeoise of "Consciousness" and finally yall; the ROOT CHAKRA. Yaaaaaaaay!... more

CHA MOAN!!! = ) Al theCoon Sharpton, TheysJinglinBaby Judge Murdoch and Chanky Ass China are on the menu. Join me! Disclaimer: This show (as with all) is rated MATURE and shares ADULT content. Please find material suitable... more

•♥•.¸¸.•♥•.•♥•.¸¸.•♥•.¸¸.•♥•♥•.¸¸.•♥•.¸¸.•♥•.•♥•.¸¸.•♥• Yes, Tracy is faded and feelin' X-rated. Join me! CHA MOAN!!! = ) Disclaimer:... more

The Elder Truthteller, Doc Mutwasze Zsikasae, of Manifest Station (BTRrah) and author of the best selling book "IMMORTALITY GUIDE", will be joining us tonight for a lil News tied in w/ some "Nigga" Freedom From Legal Blues. So... more

CHA MOAN! Disclaimer: This show (as with all) is rated MATURE and shares ADULT content. Please find material suitable to your needs if you oppose profanity and the truth. I don't bite my tongue!

CHA MOAN and take a seat! California Governor, Jerry Brown. Uppity Consciousness. And it's White Folks Wednesday, yall. TRANSFORMERS: 11:11... more
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