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SUBSTANCE TALK RADIO'S TalkNChitw/TraCGmore Presents: Issues concerning Black Men and Women as well as the Nation as a whole. THIS SHOW IS RATED MATURE and shares ADULT SUBJECT MATTER. Round-table discussions are highly encouraged, so please call in! Please respect my panel and callers or you will easily get a dial tune! Show Days Are : TUESDAY - SUNDAY. Show Times Are (usually): 9pm CST - TUESDAY (Polemically Correct ) & 8pm CST FRIDAY (Friday's Fury:: Forum w/ Cisco Streetlove) & 10pm CST - SATURDAY (Symbiotic Chit). 12pm CST - every 3rd SUNDAY (UKNITE). ***Please check listings for schedule changes. Please sign in or you will be booted (depends on how I'm feeling.) ENJOY THE SHOW!!! = ) Also, if you want an announcement for your show, event, etc. to be heard on TNCw/TG, please feel free to inbox me on FACEBOOK or email me at along with the words "BTR" in the Subject box with your link and details. Thanks! ----------------------------------- If you just so happen to marvel my groovy, bad kick boo-tay profile pic., please click on, check out and enjoy the following link: Your support is truly valued. THANKS SO MUCH! = )

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Please join TNCwTG tonight for the latest on the recent Herman Cain sex allegations and the sick ass duke booty, pedophile rapist Jerry Sandusky and Penn State Scandal. Contact Mrs. Gate Hollin @:... more


Join TNCw/TG w/ Mr. Nero for a breakdown of the movies, "The Book of Eli" and "The Red State". Mr. Nero will relate each movie to the works of Lord Israel, Tommy Lorenzo Hart, author of "The Book of the Law of God". Contact Mr.... more

Join TNCwTG's w/ guest host, Reverend Rite - Dat Nigga aka DOC MooTwahz of The Manifest Station, Creator of The People's Healer, Founder of The Nigga Church, Health Advisor and Author extraodinaire of "The Immortal Nigga" aka... more

LLO525Star Yes yall, heee's baaaack! The NIGGOD SPEAKS as the GODS PEAK! The Empire strikes 3 onTNCwTG tonight with the "infamous" LLO525Star as he speaks on: The Muladhara or ROOT ChakRA 3 Aspects of MAN... more

Join TNCwTG w/ DOC Mootwahz and The Manifest Station for what I call a Sex-o-Ween (weening/weaning the Black mind from European sexual thought and practices) party for the NIGGA Man and Woman. The treats in store tonight will... more

BOO!!! It's Halloween weekend and no better time than to learn about the maneuvers of Psychic / Energy Vampires and techniques on how to avoid these "creatures" and their toxins. Join TNCwTG for a evening with Will Rogers aka... more

CHA MOAN!!! = )

Join TNCwTG's w/ guest host, Reverend Rite - Dat Nigga aka DOC MooTwahz of The Manifest Station, creator of The People's Healer, founder of The Nigga Church, health advisor and author extraodinaire of "The Immortal Nigga" aka... more

Join the roundtable for an open discussion of the latest on the murder of Qaddafi and a few recent events. Also, the latest from Mrs. Jurline Gates Hollin. Show Links About Libya and Qaddafi: more
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