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Up to the minute current events and local. Discussing social, and political issues. Concentrating on the issues affecting the United States of American from a Mid West Eastern Ohio viewpoint.

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What does a Citified African American Female and a Rual Country White Male have in Common? We both want Good Government and the American Dream Tune in and Voice your Views 3478-945-5229
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OPEN MIC, LIVE and full of vinegar. Talk about what you like. Pick a topic, pick a subject, Pick a flavor 347-945-5229

Let's just be free and see what comes us and out? Let's go where no radio talk program has gone before. I want to see you there. 347-945-5229

Answers to how we stop the pattern of apathy in our inner city youth. Pastor Tarone Claybrook will be discussing the program HeartReach and what is happening with his organization, and at the top of the hour Rev. Henry Price will... more

What is the difference between Libya and the Inner City of the US. Are lives not lives? Do we have a civil war going on in our own communities? Is gang activity still plaguing our communities, and what are we doing to prevent this activity?... more

WoW! what a weekend. Air Strikes in Libya, gas is going off the chart. American is rethinking their Nuclear program. Federal Agents round up mayor gang members of the city's south side. The unions in endorse Doug Franklin over Jim... more

The week has ended and we have a lot to talk about. It's Open Mic and with Japan, the proposed budget for the state of Ohio, new proposals to overturn the Defense of Marriage Act, and convincing Ben that St Patrick was Black, It's... more

Marriage... where are we headed in America with this issue? What does God and the Bible have to say about marriage? Should America allow marriages to be open to all types of couples? Are christian being homophobic with their stand... more

How do single parents make it? How do they live in a limited income when child support doesn't come in on a consistent basis? Who do you meet the needs of your children? How do you tell your children that money is limited and they... more

How can we stop the violence behavior our youth today? In the African American Community we are destroying our future because of violence, the stats are staggering. The African American Males are not having the chance to become... more

Many have been found dead in Japan, the future of charter schools,Facebook why are people, especially elected officials posting racial slurs? Farrakhan deflects foes' charges of anti-Semitism, Lending to black-owned firms plummets while... more