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Up to the minute current events and local. Discussing social, and political issues. Concentrating on the issues affecting Mahoning County, the State of Ohio and the United States of American from a Mid Western eastern Ohio viewpoint.

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How can you live in this world and still think that all is fair? How can you think that the world owes you anything? Why won't people fight for a better life? Why do people think that they do not have to work for what they want? Crazy thinking? or am I just nuts? Voice your View 347-945-5229
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L.E.A.R.N. Northeast is part of the Life Education And Resource Network (LEARN), a national network of Christian pro-life/pro-family advocates who are dedicated to protecting the pre-born and promoting traditional family values.. Life... more

The beginning of a new week and the government is still open and Americans are really feeling the pinch at the pump with the national average at $4.10 a gallon. What are people to do? And how do we get back on track? Have we... more

Today the mix of conversation is on, and we will be open for all conversations. But my focus will be on the new report released by the NAACP through a bipartisan effort about Misplaced Priorities. Over Incarcerate...Under Educate.... more

Where do we go from here? Where are we as a Country? Where are we headed? How many war can we handle? Are we too educated for our own good? Is this a plan? Is prison a Plan? New slavery? New Recruitment? Let's talk... more

Education in America, To have and to hold for better or for worse, to be rich or become or stay poor, in sickness or health from birth to the tomb, I now sentence you to the rulett table of Public Schools. Every one is coming up with ways to... more

Do the public employees you pay for with your tax dollars have it too good? That is the question of the day. Teachers, Police, Fire, Clerks, Prison Guards etc. What are state governors and the legislature saying about collective bargaining... more

Well the move is complete and it is a new day at Tracey and Friends. We are going to set the afternoons on fire so Join In daily from Noon until 3pm to be apart of the conversation. Today we will be talking about Liberal vs. Conservative,... more

This is a test and only a test but we are live and invite you to join in as we prepare for Mondays move to afternoons with Tracey and Friends, Same talk, bigger audience. So please stop in and say Hi, we will need you to call in today... more

This is the count down to bigger and better talk radio and programming. It's another day of OPEN MIC and we want to hear from you. Starting Monday we will be on from 12 Noon until 3pm EST and we want you to follow us as we... more

Things are changing, and it's time to talk openly and honestly about everything, So lets have this conversation, and make it happen. 347-945-5229