TPPCtv's Pets Teach Us So Much

TPPCtv's Pets Teach Us So Much


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Stars of the #1 pet web show in the world, Pet Lifestyle Experts Robbin & Joseph Everett take a raw, gritty, hilarious look at life with pets on this smash hit radio show.

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Always fun and informative, this dynamic couple from the #1 rated web tv, blog, radio and podcast show for animal lovers, Pets Teach Us So Much, Robbin and Joseph Everett entertain millions of people from all over the world with... more
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A great show tonight! We have the usual mayhem and hilarity plus so much more. We feature: -Dr. Cheri Smith, DVM from the Whippany Vet Hospital talking about the importance of pet dentistry. -Col. Potter Cairn Terrier... more

It's time for some fun! Listen in Thursday night, June 30 at 6:30 PM EST via our Blog Talk Radio page. Have you every thought about a degree in Humane Leadership? Learn what it is and what job opportunities might be open to you... more

This week, Pet Psychic Cynthia Segal joins our show. Jump into the chat room and we might take your question about your pet!Plus BlogPaws update with Yvonne DiVita. And tons of mayhem and hilarity! Celebrity pet gossip and... more

We have: Sheryl Mathyss, Author of the best selling book Leashes and Lovers, Patrick Mahaney, DVM giving us the volunteers perspective regarding his experiences in the Amazon for Amazon and Countdown to... more

You know Robbin and Joe always BRING IT! Laughs, learning, chatting and a fab-u-lous good time! OOOOHHHH Doggies! Great show tonight including: Eileen Smulson from Blankets of Love Yvonne DiVita with a BlogPaws update Plus... more

Everett and Everett present Pets Teach Us So Much Radio Show #22 How to introduce a new pet to the home and how to be a good house guest with your pet. Pet Lifestyle Experts, internet stars and media personalities Robbin Everett... more

Time to kick back and join us for a cocktail! The summer season is here at last. Show #21 is a kick off to the Memorial Day Weekend. Check out our drink special and doggie menu post if you need some recipe ideas. Mayhem and hilarity is... more

A full moon this week equals a fun show! So buckle up kids! Let's get ready to have some Woofy Woo fun. OH MY DOG and CAT! So much going on. This show includes: National dog bite prevention week New Shanghai law effecting dog... more

One day, a long, long time ago, a little boy named Joey wanted a pet hamster. He begged and begged his dad for a hamster for days, weeks and months. His father, didn't have the money to buy little Joey a hamster. Joey's daddy, wanting... more

Certified Animal Behavior Therapist and Author Darlene Arden joins us to give us some training tips for both naughty dogs and cats. Call in or join in the chat room. Also, BlogPaws update, celebrity pet gossip and follow up to last week's great... more
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