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Tough Talk with Tony Gambone and His Guest Kaneen Morgan & Cheryl Dyck Kaneen is the Founder of Language of Life Coaching, where she focuses on teaching entrepreneurs, speakers, coaches, and individuals, how to speak and grow their business through writing. Writing can be complicated. The stories others want to share can be a complicated story. Writers have a message they want to express but not sure how to do it. Language of Life guides them through the process of turning what you or others think as a mess into a compelling message. Readers are looking for answers. A simple message can be that answer. Kaneen supports writers to continue exploring their inner self as a way to express their creative, emotional, and sometimes dark side. Through the exploration of writing, finding answers through the written word can be therapeutic and transformational. Through writing, she hopes to enlighten, educate, excite, and enrich people's lives by assisting them in how to communicate their thoughts, words, and actions into rewarding results. Cheryl Dyck knows business. She has over 25 years of experience in Marketing, Operations, Management, Security and Forensics, Training, Quality & Process Improvements, Commercial Property Management, Energy Sectors, and Information & Technology. She holds a Bachelor's Degree in Commerce with a Minor in Computer Science and an MBA in Business Process Engineering and IT. Cheryl holds ISP /ITCP desig nation from the Canadian Information Processing Society, demonstrating her achievement, commitment, ethics and professionalism.
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Imagine a world where charities meet 100% of their fundraising goals, consistently, how would that transform our communities? Mission Mondays seeks to be a resource for non-profits in the areas of fundraising and marketing... more

Jacqueline barely survived as a caregiver to my (once-adoring) elderly father and sweet but ailing mother, both with Alzheimer's which went undiagnosed for over a year. But after fighting through an unsympathetic medical system, endless... more

Regina is an After School Consultant for the at-risk youth in the Alief School District and I'm currently working on starting an after school program for the at-risk-youth in South Park area. When I was young, I was always bullied, I was... more

My name is Robert Gignac and I am the author of the international best-seller ?Rich is a State of Mind? – a novel about personal finance as seen through the eyes of a humorously dysfunctional family trying to come to grips... more

Have you experienced something that changed your life? Explain: Watching my mother die in a charity hospital from a very curable cancer. I was 20 years old and I knew even then that if she had had insurance she probably would have... more

Valerie J. Lewis Coleman has helped thousands of families navigate the challenges of child support, visitation, discipline and more. With over twenty years of experience in family and relationships, she has given advice on varying... more

My name is Diane Tegarden, a freelance writer living in Pasadena, with my husband and three cats. I've been a print journalist since 1992, writing on a wide range of subjects including; renewable energy, environmental concerns, holistic... more

Chandra is a practicing OB/GYN in Houston for the past 20 years. My current focus is to be a conduit for others to help facilitate healthy longevity. Kathleen is the owner and director of Total Health Care Mgmt. Chiropractic... more

Teresa lost her father at a very young age, would set a pattern to my life that was never to alter. Losing was something that I would have to get used to. I still have some memory of him, but in truth it's all a little hazy for me. Through no fault of... more

Have you experienced something that changed your life? Things change rapidly when we least expect it. Defining anything that is part of our life as good or bad limits our ability to enjoy what is. It is all good. What is a quote you live by or like... more
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