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We Promote people & businesses... Speakers, Authors, Business Owners and Non-Profits. We also make hosting your own show easy with our Done-For-You Service. It is my way of providing the opportunity for people to market themselves!!!

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Life's Issues with Lloyd Rosen and his guest Allen Klein & Lori Finnila aka Lori Jean Always Look on the Bright Side is the essence of Allen Klein's thinking. As I read through it I was reminded of how powerful words can be. The... more
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Dr. Kathleen Perry is a chiropractor who practices functional nutrition and acupuncture. My mother and her sister were RNs so I grew up in a health care environment. But I soon began to realize that the model of treating disease... more

Chana Kurtz is a motivational speaker and author..empowerment symposium paralleling my 120lb weight loss to the emotion, psychological and spiritual weights we carry.. The Chat Room is an inspirational online radio show created... more

Linda Cattelan is a Executive & Career Coach, Speaker and Author as well as Master Practitioner and Trainer of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming). I bring 26 years of corporate leadership experience as well as 6 years of professional... more

Nancy Rossman's book is titled: First Love, Last Dance When asked what Person Shape his life she answered - My mother, Elise. She is the kind of person who makes a decision and then lives by it...never looking back over her shoulder.... more

Kangen Water – Is the healthiest water on earth. Tune in Monday at 1:00 to hear Aquaman Tim Flores explain why Kangen Water is different than any other water you have ever had before. Learn the health benefits of drinking... more

Thursday Bram operate a company that focuses on content creation and consulting, primarily online. I realized early on that many of my competitors mostly network online. I, on the other hand, network everywhere and anywhere. I've... more

Sherri M. Simpson recognized that by the time most people see a psychiatrist often ambivalence and suffering has been present for awhile. My mantra is MENTAL HEALTH which, for many, is achieved through exploration and... more

DeLores Pressley is a keynote speaker, personal power expert and confidence-coaching specialist with over 20 years of proven results helping professionals like you succeed. Through live presentations, engaging written... more

Theodore Henderson is a certified career advisor, author of both the best selling book ?The Wisdom Compass: Your 31 Day Journey to Wisdom Filled Living? and the audio series ?The Intelligent Career Manager?, as well as a professional... more

Dino Watt's book is titled: Recession-proof Your Marriage When asked what Person Shape his life he answered - My kids. They make me look at myself every day to see if I am being the world's best dad. If not, they are really good at... more
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