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Lifes Issues with Lloyd Rosen with his guest Kris Miller & Chad C. Meek Chad C. Meek, Writer, Director, Executive Producer has taken his own early childhood UFO abductionexperiences ,and time spent with his eclectic uncle, George Van tassel 1910-1978 to tell an epic storyabout the early space contactee's movement that occurred at a place called Giant Rock.The epic story based on true events is being referred to by many in the film industry as the mostdefinitive and possible the ?Greatest UFO Story Never Told?.Mr. Meek as President and CEO of Clarity Resources, Inc. wholly owned subsidiaries brings over thirtyyears of solid experience in the Oil and Gas Mineral and Investment Banking industries to Giant RockUniversal and the Giant Rock The Movie Franchise.The Epic Movie Giant Rock The Movie has received letters of Interest from Iconic and A List stars. Kris Miller, #1 Best Selling author of PREtirement: 3 Secrets for Safe Money and a Fabulous Future, known as the ?Safe Money Strategist?, has advised over 5,000 families in the past 22 years on retirement and estate planning issues. Kris Miller's awareness of the importance of having a consciousness of abundance. Her high-content, action-oriented direction empowers individuals and families in the specific steps and ways to create and stand on solid ground. With background as an Estate Planning Expert she has expertise in the most important areas of health, financial and social issues that impact everyone. As a Chartered Federal Employee Benefits Consultant and Legal Document Assistant,
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Barbara Walker -Green has been in the financial services industry for over 18 years. Her combination of nearly two decades of experience, training and specialized education means Barbara can meet a client's total financial planning... more

20 Years as Sr. Pharmaceutical Executives.....ran $400M Pharma BU and $100M Consumer Care BU....also global strategy, global R&D, marketing etc..... Leadership Performance Coaching and Team/Building Facilitation on Culture... more

Fundraising Awards Brunch, Donations from businesses, individuals, churches We would like the audience to know that we are a non-profit organization and we are committed to providing quality services to our children and families in... more

Kufre Usanga educates people on repair shop scams and how to save money on auto repairs. In our world today, there are many repair shops that rip people off in many ways and Mr. Usanga is an expert on this topic. One of the classes Mr.... more

About Eva Eva has a strong corporate background with over 30 years of experience as an accountant and software consultant. I have worked in Fortune 500 corporations as both an employee and self-employed consultant.... more

My practice includes intuitive coaching, trauma transformation, ecourses, shadow yoga and workshop facilitation. As a certified Shadow Work® facilitator with emotional release skills and background, I've learned that our joy often comes... more

I am the CEO of Chanson Water USA, a leading water ionizer company. For the last three years, I have been traveling the world lecturing on water filtration, water ionization and disease prevention methods, and am internationally considered... more

Helping others has been Rosemary's mantra for as long as she can remember. In working with counseling issues, she enjoys helping others to learn coping skills, move past relationship issues, and see their full potential. Rosemary is... more

Investment Concerns in a Fragile Market The US economy is heating up, learn to grow your money wisely Why "down" markets create investment "opportunities " for the wise investor Do you know what you're doing when you invest?... more

John Brubaker is a nationally renowned performance consultant, speaker and author. Using a multidisciplinary approach, Brubaker helps organizations and individuals develop their competitive edge. Brubaker is the author of The Coach... more
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