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Power Talk with Linda B w/ guest Linda Leon / Teresa Joyce

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Linda Leon says her mother was very inspirational.  She made her believe that I could do anything that I wanted in life and that hard work pays off.

This is one of the things that changed Linda Leon’s life - Hardship and adversity have made me a better person, given me perspective and showed me the things that are really important in life.  What is important is peace of mind and a thriving family.

The Quote that Linda lives by is -  Get over it and get on with it.  Why - Life is too short to spend a lot of time considering the past, especially events that were difficult.  Power comes when you set yourself in forward motion, make the best of a bad situation and succeed.


Teresa Joyce spent many years of trying to connect with someone to aid me along the road to recovery. Until I met the Psychiatrist that started to reshape my life the day my grandson was born I knew for certain it was time. Sitting with him asleep on my lap made me realize, just how glad I was still on be on this side of life.

This was what changed Teresa life - For me it was the birth of my Grandson. He made my life make sense and worthwhile.. He gave me a reason for being... I was reminded that my life had a sufficient valuable. I had spent so many years feeling quite the reverse.

The quote that Tersesa lives by is - Regret for something you did won’t alter its outcome... regret for what you didn't do may alter the outcome forever... It makes sense for me I had to learn to forgive the child within.. She had suffered enough.

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