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"Let's Talk with Tough-cookie" will be talking and discussing "Real Issues" with all walks of life! From, everyday people who are just doing what they where called to do,and are living their Purpose. Also Celebrities,Entertainers, Political minds for and against the Political establishment. The Judicial System,Athletes,Clergy,Educators, Activists,Young People,Authors, Poets. Talking real talk with me, and yes,Tough-cookie will ask questions that may put you on the spot. Expect very informative,and careful thought-out questions to educate people from ore-teens to adults to seniors.This show will be to keep the Disenfranchised in-tuned to what is happening in our World,and Communities., We all can learn something no-matter what color or culture,"Let's get real and "keep it real" just know it's the God in me,because God says so. The truth shall set you free,so get ready and free your minds with Tough-cookie,Let's go,Lets Talk, Ready!

On-Demand Episodes

Why People Lie.......... Will be the discussion on Toughcookies first show in 2016. Let us be honest for real. Why do people lie, is it a matter of covering up some sort of SHAME! Why People Lie, to hurt another person cause conflict. Lies... more

Tune in Thursday at 6:30 PM PST for a self evaluation of Black America and the hidden truth and ills about self, love, like and the brainwashing of the mind of Blacks. Even though black people are known to be a strong minded,... more

The Cause and Effect of taking that first hit of any drug and once that happens your life is forever changed. Can anyone say they tried Crack Cocaine or Meth and any other illegal substance and said it only happened one time and I went... more

Join Toughcookie September 28th at 8:00 PM PST/11:00 PM PST when my guest will be Lena Anderson who has a great on-line magazine which is aimed at all gifted and passionate people who are living there dreams and are ENSPIRING... more

Coming on show will be the cast of the political lounge. Along with the Executive Producer as well as yours truly. The writer, director and producer of this short film. "The Political Lounge" not toughcookie but Linda L. Williams. So please tune in... more

I have been away for several months promoting my short film. "The Political Lounge" But after being off I have decided to come back this Month because so much is happening in our World. Let's Talk, Real Talk with Tough cookie... more

Former drug trafficker turned author of Untold Autobiography Rick Ross alleged that hip-hop is a government weapon. ?I believe that what they've done is that they've taken hip-hop and made it glorious to be a drug dealer,? explained... more

Many kids and adults have this condition and is not Diagnosed correctly in K-6 grade and School districts and parents need to be Educated on seeing the warning signs early in there child and students life. My guest has made it her... more

There's much to be non- un-inspired about going into 2015 and coming out of 2014. But we will focus on Inspiration and being inspired going forward. No matter what we can "breath, " will breath and turn all these negative issues in 2014 into... more
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