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We're back!!! Starting things off with a bang? What is you? Are there rules? We will ask all this and more! If you are Married or will be married we hope you are listening and call in!

T.I. made a very valid point in a magazine interview. Straight/Heterosexual people cannot speak anything bad about the LGBT community or they try to shut it down? DO you agree? Are the Homo's punking the str8 people? Let's... more

We will do an official Recap of the Gentleman's Ball

Are yall Friends? Enemies? Still messing around? What are the rules for ex's? DO you still love them? Have you gotten over them...

We are talking about life when we were kids and how different the world is and how being a kid now is. Are you and your kids al iike when they were your age? Think bout it.

After this needed break and life, I am back on the air!! There will be lots of special guests calling in and all that! SO check us out! Good Music, Good people, and you! See you at 1pm-3pm P.S. there will be an hour defrief from 3pm-4pm... more

How do you grade this Summer? What is your fav memory from this 2011 Summer? Labor Day: We giving updates and informing you on what the goings on is! For you pros bring you suggestions for those coming for the 1st time?... more

With the biggest Black Gay Pride coming we are gonna talk about Being GAY and Living as a Christian or wanting to be a christian. Does GOD hate me? What basis does the church have to act the way they act? Is this really a social... more

From meeting a person in a club to meeting a person on a social networking site (Adam4adam, BGC, and Men4Now, Facebook, and even Twitter,) we are talking about meeting and dating in a city that has a rep for not being able to date more

You are gonna meet the men of the WEB-SERIES "THE FUNCTION" Topics: Check out the Letter posted in Touch Your Neighbor Radio. We will discuss how we are treated as Patrons by promoters. Also are we settling when it comes to... more