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im coming back to what I do best people,god bashing lol.i know what your thinking but I don't care.go where the ratings are is what I say.

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im back in the fight people cause i had to.it seems like atheist are just giving up the fight,thats bullshit to me.i cant say there is no god,but i can say they cant prove he is real.they are the ones who believe in superpowers and shit,the... more

tonight you will be getting my real feelings on this dumb ass nigga mike brown.his own stupid actions got him killed,and we all know it.im done listening to the race baiters like al dumb fuck and jessie jump to action,telling us this was a race... more

tonights show will be about dirty cops and all the low down shit they do.for years all you see and hear out there is the stuff these fuckers do to us.bullshit pull overs and police dogs in your ride,and even planting dope in your ride.me and my... more

wwe raw talk news and overall rating for the show.last weeks raw put me to sleep,i hope this one is worth watching.i will go through each match and break it down,last week was the cena show.i hope we dont get the bs guest host stuff... more

the topic of black men dating races other than black women has come up recently in my home.because i date white women i have decided to get in on the noise.i have my own reasons for not dating them,but i will also go through what other... more

well fans of the wwe guess what we got again,you know already JOHN FUCKING CENA.dont forget that pole smoker MICHAEL COLE,sucking his cock the whole match.vince and cena are fuck buddies,why else would he keep winning the... more

whats up my peps im back with a new show and format,ill be bringing my weekly take on whats up in sports.just so you know i love the steelers for life,but i talk about other teams too.my first show will be about band wagon fans and why... more

on this episode i will talk about how and why believers secretly want the end of all things to come in our lifetime.why do they want it so bad,and why do they hide this from the outside world.

i will be talking about how the world would not change a bit if we just forget about god and religion.believers think we will fall into chaos without god,i dont agree.
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