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TOSNA Radio Sep 2, 2012 -March 3, 2013 will no longer produce anymore new episodes but feel free to listen to the archives and thanks for listening .

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Tune in this week with your hosts Sin Jones and Gino Vaglivielio as we discuss why the Devil is embraced as a Spooky archetype. Why do some Satanists embrace this boogeyman anyway? Devil, Satan, Lucifer, the most commonly... more

Bloody: Beefing it up with just about anyone and anthing I don't agree with. Starting fights with people I don't know. Attacking people, rather than critiquing the ideologies expressed. Let the blood flow! Medium Well: Cook that sucker but... more

Tune in with Gino Vaglivielo and Sin Jones for a round table discussion about the subtle and blatant influences of seemingly mindless forms of entertainment! Official Site

Join Hosts Gino Vaglivielo & Sin Jones as they discuss the influence of music on culture. Are you down with the sickness?

Satanic Perspectives with Gino and SIN on ToSNA Radio!

Join Hosts Gino Vaglivielo & Sin Jones as they discuss the 1984 cult classic Black Devil Doll From Hell. This film is about a black puppet that is a live and he grants your deepest darkest desires. The question is will your desires become... more

Do family values and society play a major role on your sexuality? Are you sexually liberated or confined to a metal box of sexual repression and guilt? are you afraid of your own sexual desires and impulses ? Join Hosts... more

Abortion & suicide who's choice is it really? The individual, family or society? Some people seem to think individuals do not have a right to choose when a life begins or ends? When can serious decisions just like this stay in our hands and... more

Why is there so much conflict? Is it based on being personally attacked ,provoked or just a mentality a lot of satanists have? Is there a way to end this conflict? or should we see it as nothing more then a part of human nature? Join... more

Surly there is more to Satanism then religious baggage. Do you find yourself attacking people from other faiths? Does most of your conversations always pertain to Satanism? Is religion all there is to life ,or is religion just a part of your... more
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