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TOSNA Radio Sep 2, 2012 -March 3, 2013 will no longer produce anymore new episodes but feel free to listen to the archives and thanks for listening .

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Why do so many satanists read volumes of Christian literature ? what is the strong hold the holy bible has on so many satanists that claim to be free of it's teachings ? can Satanism exist without Christianity ? if so how many satanists... more

What is a introvert? what is a extrovert ? what are the common traits of these types of personalities ? Is there such a thing as a personality that meets somewhere in the middle ? Where do you fit in ? Join hosts Gino Vaglivielo &... more

Reality is based on actual events that can be proven. Objective Reality vs. Subjective Reality...Can they co-exist? Join Hosts Gino Vaglivielo & Sin Jones 11:00PM Est Official Site

Some Christian denominations claim the Catholic church raise's Satanists' for Satan ? Could this be true ? Why do rituals Catholics practice daily seem way too pagan? What is with all the statues and icons in Catholics homes ? Will Pope... more

Do we as a whole spend too much time living through others ? Isn't it more important to realize who we are and our hidden potential ? Can myths guide us in understanding ourselves on a whole other level ? Join Gino Vaglivielo & Sin... more

Is there paranoia when it comes to holding festivals and social events for people in minority religions such as Satanism? Is there any reason to be paranoid ? Or is it just a way to create publicity and personal gain for individual's or groups... more

Derived from the Latin 'Obligato', is an offering to the divinities in devotional ceremony. Sacrifice of Blood, Artifacts, Libations & Grain were commonly practiced. The cultural imagery of ritual killings of animals and human beings... more

Man is an impulsive beast, his compusions and impulses often force his Will. Tune in this week with Gino Vaglivielo and Sin Jones for a round table discussion about man's impulsive nature. 6:30 pm Eastern!

Do you enjoy Horror Films ? Do you think society is right to blame these films for people becoming mentually unstable or out of touch with reality? If someone is enjoying a horror film too much should it be alarming ? Join Hosts Gino... more
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