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Join psychic and intuitive, Tori Hartman, as she offers insight into developing your own intuitive power in her weekly show. Find out more about her at ~ Get Free readings at

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Join California Psychic Tori Hartman as she discusses her experience from discovering her psychic ability to how her business developed today. Discover how you currently use your own psychic ability, and why we all have it. Tori will... more

What are you putting off? Have you considered that you really might not want to do it? If you've already thought of that, consider this: perhaps you procrastinate because you care! Join Psychic Tori Hartman as she discusses unlocking your... more

Psychic Tori Hartman will discuss the power of food and the use of it as a tool to nurture ourselves as an attempt to heal our wounding. Join Tori as she discusses getting to the truth of why we must use something to soothe our souls and when... more

Join Psychic Tori Hartman as she illustrates the cycle of growth spiritually must always be preceded by feeling completely lost. If we knew the answer wouldn't we already be doing it? From the place of nothingness Tori will show you how to... more

On a trip to Sedona Arizona Psychic Tori Hartman discovered the vortex; unfortunately it wasn't where she thought it would be. Discover the power of your internal vortex and learn how to tap into magnetizing power at any time. Using... more

Join Psychic Tori Hartman as she discusses the deep vulnerability and courage attached to taking a risk that could feel like a failure in the end. In this empowering program you will discover why you have never failed at anything,... more

Join Psychic Tori Hartman as she discusses the many emotions that we attach to the word ?love?, many of which have nothing to do with love at all. If love is a verb and not necessarily a feeling we get from someone else, how can we step... more

We all experience loss in our lives in one form or another. Join Psychic Tori Hartman as she discusses spiritual tools to understand and work with self-soothing and discovering the hidden value in learning to let go. Join Tori as... more

As we navigate the water of our spiritual evolution, it becomes vital that we connect in a way that's authentic and honest. Tori will discuss tapping into your authenticity to find your own truth and take a stand for what you believe in.... more

Join Psychic Tori Hartman as she discusses the spiritual evolution of bullying and why the concept of personal responsibility (i.e. responding with ability) must be taught and not assumed. She'll be giving free readings using the Color Wisdom... more