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Will there be another civil war in America? If there is, who will this serve? Join Charles Colemon and Tyler Hardy as they discuss some of the traps that the so called "powers that be" have in store for us if we aren't careful. It is more... more

During this transition phase from the Age of Pisces into the Age of Aquarius planetery rulership is transitioning as well. Although we are now in the Age of Aquarius, ruled by the planet Saturn, we are still dealing with the residual... more

Understanding the occult world that we live in is of paramount importance if we ever wish to fade-out the so called "powers that be". Otherwise, we will always be manipulated and history will continue to repeat itself, atrocity after atrocity. Join... more

Tonight Charles Colemon and Tyler Hardy will be discussing extraterrestial & transdimensional beings in-depth as they relate to the "bigger picture". UFOs and aliens are popular in Hollywood as well as in conspiracy theorist circles around... more

I'm sure we've all asked ourselves the question "Does the devil really exist?. Tonight Charles Colemon and Tyler Hardy will be discussing this "Satan" character and how he relates to us all as individuals as well as how he... more

Jason Hairston has always been a curious soul. His undying curiosity led him to new information and spiritual experiences that broadened his view of the world and its people. From this broadened perspective, a new life emerged for Jason... more

Esoteric vs. exoteric wisdom is the reason why Yeshua (Jesus) and many other teachers taught spiritual truths in riddles or "parables". Tonight Charles Colemon and Tyler Hardy will be discussing the difference between the esoteric and... more

The problems with organized religion may be too many to name. Though all religions contain elements of truth within them, what we have come to know as "organized religion" bears no resemblence to the teachings of those who... more

Open forum chat leading up to our official primier.

Notice that the title of this show is not "How CAN I change the world?". The reason why is because we are ALWAYS changing the world whether we realize it or not. Tonight Charles Colemon and Tyler Hardy will be discussing some... more