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Spiritual and community support and activism for Ordinary People , encompassing , and Restoring the Family, for the homeless, exoffenders, ex-drug addicts, women in crisis, etc.

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The wicked expect TRUE CHRISTIANS to back down -and fake christians do back down

The WHOLE STORY of Ariston Waiters by HIS MOTHER Freeda Waiters 14 year old Ariston Waiters was shot TWICE in THE BACK by cop - who claimed SELF DEFENSE.

DO NOT !!! ACCEPT or TAKE he say or she say before, over or without PROOF.

Jon B Carroll - caught in too many lies - and the people are falling for it

My FATHER IN HEAVEN taught me how to know a person - without knowing them personally. Matthew 15:18 ? But those things which proceed out of the mouth come forth from the heart; and they defile the man. Luke 6:45 ? A good... more

LOVE does not mean ACCEPT abuse, cheating, harming, hating and other wickedness

TUNE IN and LEARN why people cling to evildoers never knowing their demise.

us military racists out and about - can't handle TRUTH about their own racism