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Dr. Sebi Who And What [Advocates for Dr. Sebi]


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The mastery of dialogue, sound right reason, pure explanation, solution and acknowledgement.

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Are UFO's and extraterrestrial humanoid beings real to the point of actually having an organization on earth? Or is it all nothing more the white supremacy in regards to the world is currently being operated? Perhaps we should be asking... more

Check in and listen to "Cleanz My Soul Dr. Sebi." A song by Philly Chase, commissioned through Zee Malachi as a gift to the learning family and fan base of Dr. Sebi. We'll be talking about our experiences with Dr. Sebi's herbs, time in... more

What is the Advocates for Dr. Sebi organization/program? How are diseases healed and what are the most popular techniques used for healing as recommended by Dr. Sebi? What is good water and the best beverages to... more

8th EP. Nation Building> WHO IS DR. MALACHI Z YORK? [Breaking the spell/what we do next] Peer pressure PART 3 The outformation scientist left presentation after presentation as an example of what the mentally enslaved... more

What you don't know can hurt you. What you think you know can mislead you. Psychological abuse has a smile and even sincerity to go along with the expression, behavior and conduct that can lead to self distruction and continued... more

Ever notice how they just sit back and listen? And if they do say something it's textbook for the most common thing you can say. No authenticity what so ever in their expressions or questions as they merely aim to LOOK THE PART. Why... more

One question, what do we want?

We plan to start with having our own towns. But how do we do this while in a world were we hold our own leash as a puppet in a system of economic slavery?

Join us as we look to redeem our poor and those riddled with sensations of being weak and incapable of making a difference since Marcus Garvey. The problem has never been more clear than it is today. MONEY is a problem, but due... more

Join us as we uncover what we have been unable to see within two centuries of a people's interest to have their own. On a planet webbed with a monetary system, where is our nation? It can not be found with a people who agree with economic... more
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