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Con el tema. NUNCA ES TARDE Uno de los artículos publicados en LA VOZ HISPANA DE NUEVA YORK. Donde se aborda el interesante tema de, el tiempo, la edad, los sueños postergados, las metas olvidadas, la desilución y la falta de valentía para emprender cosas nuevas. Por que hay circunstancias que en la vida nos han impedido realizar un sueño. Pero, nunca es tarde. Mientras haya vida. Chat Room Network se complace en presentarles a Gloria Trejo, sin duda es una de las mejores presentadoras en nuestra programacion. Tiene muy buenos seguidores, por eso la felicitamos. Tony Wolf Paw
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looking back at shows that didnt go as intended, but are good enough too talk about and laugh again. trying my best in doing a cook show, and i couldnt get my guest too share one interviews gone wrong, Dogs... more

Tratando uno de los temas que ha expuesto en su columna "ALMA DE MUJER" en "LA VOZ HISPANA DE NUEVA YORK". Gloria Trejo nos introduce en un gran tema controversial, que nos permiten entender un poco mas... more

when bad karma rules your life, you will have a tendancie for ruining the life of others, and not see, that the only life that is being ruined is yours. how long can you keep this tendency? You realize that your sinking yourself in the mudd you... more

people have drawn huge numbers, and there audience keeps growing and growing. who are they?... how they do it? Come gather with us in the Chat Room, meet and greet, the producers and host of the most popular internet... more

it is uneasy to feel that you are being watched by something that you cant figure out what it is. Many times it can be explained, we want to know reason. chances are you may not know... why? cause you are busy wrapping yourself... more

?I fell, now I am up, dusted off and ready!? This is Evelyn Sanches' motto. Bronx born and raised, Evelyn discovered her love for food when she opened up a cookbook at the age of nine. Her mother became her greatest inspiration when... more

La influencia de la música de Jose Alfredo Jimenez en la Cultura de habla hispana. Programa basado en los monólogos de Gloria Trejo. Compartiendo y analizando la idiosincracia de los mexicanos y latinos. Las... more

what too do if your a vicitim. when enough is enough. and how to file a complaint. we need to train our kids to know what to do in case they are being bullied. in the case the bully is an adult, what steps too take in protecting yourself using... more

HOLISTIC HEALING WITH QUILL WOMAN Come join in TUESDAY as Native American Medicine Woman QUILL WOMAN ZAPATA talks about the use of natural herbs. From beauty tips and remedies to healing the body, she will... more