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www.TonyTrombocom My guests are Joseph Russitano and Mike Urtaza Jr. They're planning a REMAKE of "MANOS"! We'll find out more about it here!

Show info: www.TonyTrombo.com Nigey is back with a new album in the works! CONTRIBUTE TO HER ALBUM BY CLICIKING HERE: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/nigey-lennon-s-ship-in-a-bottle

www.TonyTrombo.com My guests today is the duo from Italy, INVENTIONIS MATER! Two amazing players who cover some of Frank's music!... more

www.TonyTrombo.com My guest for this show is DAVID ROY, the creator of the film "MANOS: The Rise of Torgo" Follow David by clicking here: David Roy

www.TonyTrombo.com My guest is Connie Emmons, the owner of Connies Kitchen! We'll talk about her restaurant and food!! This is very interesting actually talking to the OWNER of a shop, and the ins and outs of the business. We'll do... more

Show information: www.TonyTrombo.com My special guest is the actor ED GALE! Ed left his hometown two years after graduating from Plainwell High School (Plainwell, Michigan) at the age of 20 with $41 in his pocket and hitched a ride... more

SHOW INFORMATION: www.TonyTrombo.com My guest for this show is Matthew Buchholz. He's the creator of "Alternate Histories Classics of Filmdom" featuring MANOS!

Jay Dittamo (born May 30, 1959) is a drummer, percussionist, music composer and producer. He has played with acts such as Junoon, Band From Utopia, Willie Colón, Jimmy Webb, Chuck Berry, The Duprees, The Crests, The... more

www.TonyTrombo.com My guest is Howie (Zowie) Kittelson and sCreamGrrrl from the show Conceptual Continuity! Listen to THEIR show at: https://weru.org/program/conceptual-continuity-howie-zowie