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"Rather than love, than money, than fame, give me truth". ~Henry David Thoreau~ The talk show that goes there! You name it we talk about it. Politics and religion, black and white, gay and straight, I'm not afraid to voice my opinion or yours. This is a no spin, politically incorrect, taboo free talk show.

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Where is our music taking us as a country? Are we at the precipice of disaster? What can we learn from music of the past? Is music the mirror of our society? Let's talk about it.

President Obama addressed the citizens of the United States and said that we have a racial problem in America. How could this be? One hundred and fifty years after emancipation and we can't get passed this? What can we do? Let... more

What do we do? These past few months have revealed a chasm between Blacks & Whites. Have we evolved? Was integration the way? What went wrong? Lets talk about it.

Sweet Tea and Skittles, a black hoodie and a bullet to the heart. Why! Stand your ground, who was at fault? Can we just kill because we feel threaten? Can I stand my ground if provoked? Can you? Lets talk about it.

On tonights show will discuss the Supreme Courts decisions on "THE VOTER RIGHTS ACT OF 1965" "DOMA", and "CALIFORNIA'S PROP. 8". Is the "CIVIL RIGHTS ACT OF 1964" on the chopping block? Is G-d going to judge... more

Okay, she did say the "N-Word", but when? She was under oath. Isn't one innocent until proven guilty? Have 'YOU EVER USED THE N-WORD", "HAVE YOU EVER WANTED TO USE THE N-WORD"! What the hell were... more

What really is going on? Did you really think corruption didn't exsist? Did you think you are not being watched? Who got caught with their hands in the cookie jar?