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Join Tonya Parker, aka the Throat Chakra Shaman, on 2nd Sundays at 6 PM (EST) as she gives voice to the vision of amazing healers and lightworkers to get the dish on feeding the mind, body, and soul through deliciously delectable holistic health, healing and education information. Tonya co-created with Spirit her company, Mind Body & Spiritworks, which provides holistic wellness services in the DC Metro/Baltimore, MD areas. Tonya is a former counselor, prevention specialist, corporate trainer and public speaking professor who uses her background and training to enhance her current offerings of Reiki energy healing & training, massage & bodywork, sacred healing circles, and a variety of educational services, including conscious communication coaching, motivational speaking, training workshops, web content, and holistic newsletter and magazine articles. You can find her blog, Mind Body & Soul Food Meanderings, on Blogger. Tonya was a contributor to "The Infinite Field Magazine" during its 16-month run, writing a monthly cooking column which also provided nutrilicious recipes. She was a featured columnist writing on Throat Chakra Healing in the 2013 cycle of "Sibyl Magazine"--a spiritual lifestyle magazine for women. Also, Tonya is the author of a young adult novel, "Diary of a Witch's Daughter;" an e-cookbook, The Tonya Parker Collection: Healthy Eating to a Healthy Lifestyle; and in 2012 released her meditation CD entitled "Meditative Morsels: Prayers & Meditations for Feeding Your Mind, Body & Soul." Tonya has recently completed a children's book, "Gabby Gray, Word Nerd."

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The world turned upside down in 2016, with natural disasters, mass killings, targets appearing to be placed on people of color, and government-sanctioned brutality of water- and land-protectors at Standing Rock. As if that wasn't enough, the Presidential race and culminating election took matters to another level. As we approach the new year, usually a time for new beginnings, many are losing hope that there is anything positive to look forward to. However, many visionaries see circumstances through a different lens, and have the added help of Spiritual guidance to provide meaning in what appears to be mess. Enter our guests, who will share insights in general and for callers who would like to know from their visionary perspective, What Can We Expect in 2017? Rev. Dr. Anthony Farmer has been a frequent MBSF guest. He is a teacher, healer, shaman, author, and Founder of Visions of the Heart Ministries in Mt. Rainier, MD. Anim A. Bey is no stranger to the show, having provided messages as Intuitive Spiritualist Torrie C. She is a Metaphysical Minister, artist, herbal healer, and intuitive. Rev. Kelli Jareaux joins the show for the first time. She is an attorney, spiritual life coach, and co-founding minister of GROW Continuum out of Washington, DC.
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