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Rethinking McCarthyism, if Not McCarthy," that the release of the Venona archive "has unleashed a flood of scholarship" and engendered a growing controversy among Cold War historians of the left and right.

Several days afterward, a lead editorial in that newspaper, "Revisionist McCarthyism," cautioned, "Beware the rehabilitation of Joseph McCarthy. Armed with audacity and new archival information, a number of American scholars would like to rewrite the historical verdict on Senator McCarthy and McCarthyism."

Time magazine, on the other hand, weighed in recently, asking, "Was McCarthy on the right track?", a piece in which it observed that Venona "demonstrates beyond argument that the Soviet penetration into American life, government, science and industry...was deep, thorough and hostile."
And William F. Buckley has seized the moment for a novel, "The Redhunter," based on the life of his longtime hero, McCarthy.